Graham Bucks Not Quite Ralph Bucks

Will someone explain to me why a single guy like me will get a hundred dollars back from the New Brunswick government to compensate for higher hydro costs, but a couple with 12 children could easily get zilch?
To qualify for the $100 cheque, the maximum family income for 2006 is $28,000.
The hassle to get this hundred bucks is astounding. You need to fill out a form (available on the Internet or at Service NB offices (in person)) and then you mail it in. Printing, envelope, stamp, taxes on stamp, never mind the time and the electricity required to download and print the form (and then blogging to complain about it).
But that is on my end. Imagine the cost to the government!
But before you start making silly suggestions about donating my 100 dollar cheque to some children's charity, consider that if I somehow managed to reduce my electricity consumption to 0, it would still cost me $244.68 per year in hydro ($278.94 including sales tax)!
Between September-October and October-November, my electricity consumption went up 2.5 times and yet my electricity bill went up only 66%. $20.39 in monthly service charges (plus $2.85 sales tax), regardless of consumption!
Still, shouldn't be to be to hard on the Graham Liberals. The silly Lord Conservatives had a program dishing out money to people who bought a NEW home, as long as their family income was less than $33,000 ! You'd think Bernard Lord was trying to cause a  Cleveland type foreclosure fiasco!

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