Dion Must Stay in the Race to Pay off Debt

Very interesting article in La Presse yesterday about leadership campaign financing. No wonder Belinda isn't running.

-You can't use your own money;
-Maximum donation is $5400;
-Only humans can give (no corporations, food banks, unions or formally alive Liberals);
-All donations must be maid public;
-Candidates may borrow, but the debt has to be payed off from donations within 18 months.

Dion admitted in late September that he was still in the red. I assume it is much easier to raise funds when you are still in the race. Then again, when you drop out, at least you aren't spending money.

Details of the loans must be released in early November. Only Rae has released them early. He got a $275,000 loan from his brother, John Rae, Executive Vice-President of Power Corporation.

Is Belinda an only child?


Anonymous said...

uhh ... all of the campaigns (except volpe) are in debt right now.

Anonymous said...

I read that article and I'm afraid nowhere is it said that "Dion must stay in the race to pay off debt". I surmise then that this is your own interpretation.

What I, on the hand, found interesting is the fact that Rae is being sold to us as a candidate for the Left and yet he has garnered the support of Big Money. Just doesn't make sense, does it? What's happening here?

Le plus riche au 30 juin était Bob Rae: l'ancien néo-démocrate a recueilli de nombreuses contributions sur Bay Street.

Parmi les financiers qui le soutiennent, signalons l'ex-banquier Charles Baillie, Jonathan Guss, PDG de la Credit Union Central of Ontario, et Duncan Jackman, de l'Empire Life Insurance Company.

Thanks for the link!


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