Gerard Kennedy Will Make a Great Minister of Youth and Sports

That is all that Kennedy can aspire to in a Dion government.

-The Kennedy Echo Chamber ;
-Leader Académie débute présentement.


Scott Tribe said...

For Pete's sake, the Liberal Leadership race is over and Dion won.

Can we not get over Gerard Kennedy and talk about something a tad more relevant? I've had to read stuff like this for the past 10 months and I was hoping Saturday would bring about some closure on this.

Steve V said...

An irrelevant idiot right to the end, and beyond. Thanks for being consistently boring.

Altavistagoogle said...

Steve, are you talking about me or Gerard Kennedy? :-P

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised to see this site is still running. I thought its only purpose was to slander Gerard Kennedy in the leadership race.

You can stop now.


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