I Love These Songs

I'm not sure what it is about these songs, but I've played them over and over again. Some of the videos are OK as well. But really, it's the music.

Passenger: Let Her Go.
Lorde: Royals

Avicii: Wake Me Up

Ylvis: What Does the Fox Say?

If you are keeping track, that's British, New Zealand, Swedish and Norwegian music. Here is some Korean music to round it off. Giant hat tip to California's Google.

Others I like:
-The ultimate ringtone: LMFAO Party Rock Anthem.
Not safe for work because of the boobies (OK, these ones I like mostly for the visuals, but the music is OK to):
-Robin Thincke: Blurred Lines
-Miley Cyrus: Wrecking Ball.


A Taste of America

You should be cynical when it comes to a company peddling sugar water, but I haven't felt such an emotional connection to a commercial in a long time. As a non-American living in non-America, I find this commercial humanizes the USA. Maybe they aren't an Anglo gun crazy war mongering nation. Maybe. By the way, my favourite cola is Diet Big 8.

Last century I spent a month touring the USA by bus. I highly recommend it. It really is a geographically diverse country. Some of the people are OK to.  ;-)
If you don't have the time to visit all of America just yet, start with New York City, my favourite American city.


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