Blogging about Kraft Dinner in French

Aurélie Kraft Dinner
Aurélie is a French 31 year old wannabee Canadian girl living in Montreal. She has been writing in French about her move from Paris to Canada's second city. She recently wrote about Kraft Dinner. As per my suggestion, she installed the Geovisitors graphic link on her front page.

20 Countries
To both our surprise, in one week she received visitors from over 20 countries! I counted 17 in one 24 hour period. Her blog had visitors from every region of France and Quebec and many US states.

Minitel is over
Who new so many Internet users could read French? Clearly, the days of the Minitel are over. Her blog is usually quite funny and very entertaining. As she has been in Canada for a while now, the novelty of Canada has worn off so she writes a lot less.

The French love a good cheese story
Part of her blog's popularity is certainly do to her writing style. Although I've seen more than one comment on the Internet from French people wishing they could try cheese macaroni in France. They have the show "Friends" over there and it seems to be their reference point for everything North American. I guess part of the fascination is due to the fact they can't get Kraft Dinner at the restaurant when they visit and nobody in their right mind would serve it to a European guest.

Over Blog
Over blog is the host. It is quite a popular site. Message to Blogger and MySpace, there are millions of potential users out there who have French as a first language.

Over blog will also pay you to blog by placing adds on it. Not sure if you can really make any money from this. But it sounds less labour intensive than Google AdSense and Performics, which, in my experience, is clearly not worth the hassle (I've made like $10 in two years).

Post in French
Based on Aurélie's results, I may post more in French. I mean, how can a post about Kraft Dinner be that popular?!

1 comment:

Marianne said...

A mon tour de venir faire un tour sur ton blog. Serais-je la première lectrice a laisser un commentaire???

Alors comme ca, tu es étonné de voir que les francais ne se servent plus du minitel (qui, au passage, n'a jamais vraiment eu de succès) et utilisent Internet, ben ouais, on est plus au moyen age en meme temps ;-)

J'ai bien aimé ton post sur la traduction de "No standing" ... ca m'a bien fait rire!

Marianne, "maudite francaise" qui va meme a la plage pendant le mois d'aout!!!

PS: Je ne suis pas sure d'avoir bien compris le commentaire que tu m'as laissé... j'aurais peut etre besoin d'éclairssissements...


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