Taking Advantage of the High Canadian Dollar When Travelling

Here are some tips before you go nuts booking foreign travel to take advantage of the high Canadian dollar.
1st: Avoid Europe. The Canadian dollar hasn't appreciated at all compared to the Euro or British Pound. In fact, you could argue that the Canadian dollar is now worth less (depends on when you compare it to)!
2nd: Some countries link their money to the US dollar, 100% : Panama, Lebanon, Ecuador, El Salvador, East Timor, the British Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos, Bermuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Honk Kong, Cuba (subject to change), Saudi Arabia. Some countries are linked to a basket of currencies, including the US dollar. These countries include China, Syria and Kuwait.
3rd. Enjoy the American influence. The more a country is dependant on American customers, the better. Even oil rich Mexico's currency has depreciated compared to the Loonie.
4th. Be obvious. Disney World is about 19% cheaper than last year. But good luck finding special deals available only to Canadians. Those days are gone (I think). Don't forget that products in the USA made in other countries won't be that much cheaper than here. Worse, don't forget that many American products (such as construction materials and oil), are imported from Canada.
5th. The more you spend, the more you save. Until recently, everything in the USA seemed expensive. So you knocked off a star on the hotel or restaurant. Perhaps you even ventured into a grocery store or a ubiquitous fast food outlet. Saving was easy, because you felt as if the entire country was trying to rip you off. Now everything will appear like a good value. Worse, the more you spend, the more stars you add, the more that comparative value will increase. So just like your cable bill, spending more than you intended to will be easier than ever.
6th. Labour and real estate. That is where the saving should be. Cheaper hotels and lower restaurant bills. Everything else, notwithstanding the Canadian dollar profit markups, will be about the same price as back home. So get your hair cut, get a massage and go to restaurants.
-thequestionclub @ 2007-09-27T15:57:00

Il y a 2 heures par The Question Club  
Clearly the strengthening of the Canadian dollar is a big deal in Canada , but I know Americans who were unaware this was happening, and continued to claim that we were at 67¢ compared to the American dollar. ...

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