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  • 06:23 @martellhomes How is making your bank rich any better than your landlord?Sorry, the Baby Boom will die, then homeowners in NB are screwed. #
  • 06:30 I just applied for a $92,000 job that I am totally qualified for in Fort McMurray, Alberta. My salary in Moncton, NB, is $30,000... #
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  • 21:03 @CBCMontreal Conrad Black got his wish... Not. LOL #
  • 01:49 @ujjaldosanjh Are you accusing me of altering the tape? Sorry, that's a BC thing. I'm in New Brunswick, we don't do that here. :-) #
  • 02:10 Dear followers, I promise to try to resist the temptation of auto-tweeting my video game high scores. twitpic.com/4776d #
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  • 19:20 Sun is going down, time for 4 hours of car racing (F1 plus Nascar.) #
  • 20:11 eauchaude.ca On ne niaise pas avec la puck pour atirer les Québécois au NB cet été. Un message simple. twitpic.com/42jao #
  • 02:35 Ricky Boby in real life. #NASCAR www.youtube.com/watch?v=yW8FYgy5sIs (via @startliving) #
  • 02:41 That was an amazing #NASCAR finish at Talageda. Carl Edwards stayed back for most of the race to avoid crashes, then almost won. #
  • 02:59 RT @MatthewHanley: World auto fatalities in 1999: 1,170,694; SARS fatalities in 2002-2003: 775 #
  • 04:30 Question. How can people return from Cancun with swine flu if there is no swine flu in Cancun? #swine flu #
  • 04:32 Question: Worse case scenario, 2% of the world dies. But only 2% of swine flu sick die. So what, worse case scenario is everybody gets it? #
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  • 17:21 Moncton's chocolate river at low tide (is it the Codiac or Petitcodiac?). 24C today plus warm wind. Nice. twitpic.com/3zk80 #
  • 17:39 More of Moncton's chocolate rivers at low tide. Notice the crowds. :-) twitpic.com/3zm3u #
  • 17:55 @ujjaldosanjh I've been to 33 countries on 5 continents. I care about the world. But not not enough to get involved in the worlds civil wars #
  • 18:38 "Thin ice, don't feed the ducks." Perhaps an analogy for Canada and the world? twitpic.com/3zrx1 #
  • 18:47 @ujjaldosanjh So how many Canadians soldiers/dollars should we sacrafice to keep the peace in the part of the world where you grew up? #
  • 20:34 @ujjaldosanjh What should Canada do for Sri Lanka then? By the way, I stay anonymous so I don't lose my job: tinyurl.com/ce24cv #
  • 03:17 Ici c'est Pepsi We Quebeckers drink Pepsi, new logo or not. (: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Zq5lqgNADI #
  • 03:27 Is Miley being Ironic? #Avril Lavigne, #Alanis Morisette RT @mileycyrus: life is sooo complicated. i think i will write a song about it. #
  • 03:37 @suryadevi Yes, well your face anyway. Post more pics so we can compare your body to Alanis Morisette's. #
  • 03:50 All clear over Moncton tonight. Twitter trends: Google Earth Helps: bit.ly/QtjRM twitpic.com/40yck #
  • 03:58 @BCerInToronto I wonder how far the flew can fly without an airplane (I live down wind from Mexico). #
  • 04:08 Unlike Toronto and SARS, people actually visit Mexico. And it is affecting non-nurse young people. Scary. bit.ly/gCVSW #swineflue #
  • 04:13 @LeMondeWorld Crap, I'm being scared in two languages. Remember, swineflu is a VIRUS. Anti-bacterial soap is useless. #swineflu #
  • 04:45 @BCerInToronto I thought going from Moncton to Miami via Montreal-Burlington-Baltimore-Atlanta-FtLauderdale was bad (transfers by city bus) #
  • 04:54 @AmaNorris Took me a moment to even notice the dog. :-) #
  • 05:16 God is not going to like this: Sunday mass canceled in Mexico. Pray in Spanish to compensate. #Swineflu. #
  • 05:23 @StuartForsyth I say we shoud put New Zealand under quarantine. Better safe than sorry. #swineflu #
  • 05:29 @scarybeardedman :-) Remember the moral of the story: when you think you are doomed, the US army will save you. #
  • 05:38 @rgoodchild LOL. Canadian Beacon with maple syrup is still safe. While you Kiwis enjoy your meal, we will just quarantine your country. #flu #
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Holy Mackerel, MP Calls me Racist!

I am thinking about Sri Lanka burning and this govt not giving a hoot. Since I grew up in that part of the world I can't stop thinking about
12:21 AM Apr 24th from mobile web

Ujjal Dosanjh

@ujjaldosanjh You live in Canada now. You want to care about the other side of the world, do it on your own dime.
2:01 AM Apr 24th from Tweetie in reply to ujjaldosanjh

@altavistagoogle You will not say that to white guy worrying abt the world . Expand your horizon.May do you some good.
about 7 hours ago from mobile web

Ujjal Dosanjh

Ujjal Dosanjh says Canada should care about Sri Lanka because he is from that region. He provides no other reason why Canada should care more about Sri Lanka's civil war than any other domestic conflict around the world. Does he advocate that Canada get involved in Spain's fight with Basque separatists/ETA? The Kurd's violent struggle for independence from Turkey? Has he warranted peace talks between France and Corsica? Suggested Canada solve the troubles in Northern Ireland? Has Ujjal Dosanjh writen to Obama about Puerto Rico's lack of federal voting rights?

No, he has not. He advocates that the government of Canada be somehow involved (he doesn't provide details) in the civil war in Sri Lanka. I say Canada should do nothing in the case of Sri Lanka. Just as Canada is wisely doing nothing in the aforementioned conflicts. 

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  • 01:00 @KristinsAwesome Yeah, but just think of the boost in your productivity. GPS, maps, newspapers, free classic books. You are saving $. #
  • 01:11 @ujjaldosanjh Too bad you don't speak French or you might then care about Haiti and much of Africa. #
  • 01:17 Acohol NB no longer sells Molson Export, Dry or Labat 50. Can you suggest alternatives? Has to whole province gone lagger crazy? I want ale #
  • 01:19 I miss Sarah Palin. I wish she Tweeted. #
  • 01:25 Ah, but should she take Alaska with her? RT @nannon27: GO AWAY, SARAH PALIN, GO AWAY! #
  • 01:44 @WildRoseMPBlake Canada should split in 2 along the 49th parallel. You crazy northern freeks. :-) #
  • 01:47 @KristinsAwesome Your like a hotter version of the fan in Flight of the Concords. :-) #
  • 01:53 @ujjaldosanjh Like what? #
  • 01:55 @johnsgunn In Moncton, going up to 24 this weekend :-p #
  • 01:56 @Abraheezee No #
  • 02:01 @ujjaldosanjh You live in Canada now. You want to care about the other side of the world, do it on your own dime. #
  • 02:07 @MissChocoe Europeans in August are very well read. #
  • 02:12 @CanuckLibrarian I used laundry during my last two moves. I also protected my electronics with the 5 yards of cable that hang from them. #
  • 02:16 Angry about the English beach but not the Queen? RT @canadapolitics: English beach used to boost Alberta's image tinyurl.com/dm6rgv #
  • 02:27 @KristinsAwesome Do you live in a 3G covered area of Texas? Here in Canada, only big cities like Moncton are. Otherwise, expect slow net. #
  • 02:30 @ivysmith Copy, paste, and put RT before. Alternatively, use software that will do it for you. For example, Tweetie on an iPod Touch. #
  • 02:37 Geocities dies, text based Twitter thrives. I agree, nobody can predict. RT @nytimes: Gadgetwise: Rethinking Blu-ray bit.ly/pzz9p #
  • 04:15 You should see Al Gore's house for 2! RT @MobileMommy: Can you call a house green that is over 4000 sq ft? Really?Three people living it it? #
  • 04:25 @mcuban I lost all my money investing in Apple because I thought the iPhone was the greatest thing ever.million $ on SMS, eh? You have guts #
  • 04:41 Hey California, are you Saudi Arabia? Than stick to buses (and keep your sales taxes low) bit.ly/1JanW #TGV #
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We Do Not effing Torture

Most effective use of the F word I have heard in a long time. Although to be more accurate, Shepherd Smith should have said "we should not f***ing torture." Hat tip to mnfu.


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  • 07:06 @joshsieg If she gets a job at Wal-Mart, she could shoptlift DVDs during breaks. That way she is stealing from Wal-Mart, not artists. #
  • 07:14 Is it just me, or does Twitter trends operate in shifts: Australia,UK,USA. There should be a way to isolate trends by country or language. #
  • 22:58 @mrobinson85 Eastlink in NS, Vidéotron in Qc. SOL in NB I'm affraid. #
  • 00:46 List what you did for earth day. I walked to and from work, in the rain, uphill both ways. And I put off killing baby seals till tomorow... #
  • 01:08 Yahoo Geocities is no longer accepting new members and will be dead by year end. I joined in 1996. This is sad. R.I.P Geocities. #
  • 02:14 Dear Harper, I'm feeling poor. Please illiminate CBC, Via Rail, all corporate subsidies and reduce my federal taxes. Thank you. #
  • 02:21 Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak is now my hero. RT @hotforwords: Hangin with Steve Wozniak twitpic.com/3t2ys #
  • 04:51 @mcuban Canadian and Australian companies have been charging for extra GBs for a while now... #
  • 04:53 Cool RT @GillesDuceppe: L'opposition vote en faveur de la motion du Bloc pour le maintien intégral du registre des armes à feu! #
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Geocities is Dead, Will CBC be next?

Yahoo's new CEO is pulling the plug on Geocities. I went through the
stages of mourning and I'm now on acceptance. Geocities has been
replaced by blogs and social sites. I get it.

But if my sacred Geocities is already past due, what about other
sacred cows such as the CBC? With millions of Canadians posting videos
and text on the Internet, do we need the CBC?Want? Sure. But need, as
in spend a billion dollars a year? Not so sure.

Dito for Via Rail. Bus companies don't require subsidies and will get
you there just as fast. When you think about it, what is the point of
subsidised passenger rail in corridors that are served by uncongested
4 lane highways?

Illiminating Via would mean more passengers for the bus, therefore
increasing bus frequencies, making them more appealing. By the way,
bus ticket prices are regulated.

If you can cancel Geocities, time to re-examin all non-profitable
behind the time services.

Envoyé depuis mon iPhone / Sent from my iPhone.


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  • 02:38 @ivysmith I forgot my iPod touch at Subway. 10 minutes later it was still there. I can relate. #
  • 02:42 @TheEllenShow I'm no longer following you. It's not you it's me. (Although I perversly want you go drop back below 1 million followers). #
  • 03:43 @kingsthings They bill you later. #
  • 04:39 An ammo shortage? RT @KHONnews: Gun owners buy ammunition at a rapid pace resulting in a nationwide ammo shortage.More at 10 #
  • 04:40 Me want election to vote NDP RT @ujjaldosanjh: ready for election combat .BUT I KNOW CANADIANS DO NOT WANT ONE right now. #
  • 04:51 @jennamacneil Free wifi on the "Express" line thay goes between Costco and Wal-Mart (via downtown). Take that Fredericton (spits on floor). #
  • 04:53 @jennamacneil Glad you ain't doing that from Toronto. (Acadie Nouvelles has a columnist in... Montreal) #
  • 04:57 @mrobinson85 It kills me that businesses in Hub such as Tim Hortons won't post their hours. As if to say:"we are open when we feel like it" #
  • 05:12 How come Mars gets a month but the earth only gets a day? Happy Earth Day. Resume your evil subburban lifestyle Thursday. #
  • 05:19 @mrobinson85 There were articles in January about Vidéotron complaining about unfair telecoms slowing network construction. #
  • 05:21 @heatheranne If they really cared about the environment, Loblaws would charge for parking. #
  • 05:27 I wonder if it bugs @oprah that 16 year old @mileycyrus has more followers. #
  • 05:42 @jasonmerling Who, Bell? LMAO! Hope you like Indians (unless you speak French). #
  • 05:52 @Rootchan I thought Bell throttled torrents for resellers of its service. #
  • 05:57 @mutovkin I don't want to second guess your decision, but how much will a rooftop antenna cost? Isn't cable/satellite more cost effective? #
  • 06:04 @grazen Does Hulu work in Canada? By the way, you still nead Internet for Hulu type sites. Ted Rogers' kids win. #
  • 06:18 Amunition shortage in the US because of hoarding, according to Hawaii TV. I think I'll vacation in Cuba. bit.ly/aOJC8 #
  • 06:33 Quiz: How many current world leaders are racial minorities in their own country? Hint, Blacks are not a minority in South Africa. #
  • 06:36 If the government bonded former criminals, they would be more employable and less likely to reoffend. #
  • 06:44 US sends billions in military aid to Sri Lanka. No, wait, that is to Israel. #
  • 06:48 If there are 3 times more people in Sri Lanka than there are in Israel + Palestine, shouldn't we care 3 times as much? #
  • 06:56 @cr0vax Sorry, Sarkozi is not part of a racial miniority in my book (race is an opinion, not a science). Dito for whites in South America. #
  • 07:01 @joshsieg Well, if you are going to steal, might as well shoptlift the games at Wal-Mart. At least that way the game programers still get $. #
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  • 16:31 @franquiz55 If you were a true Apple geek like your profile says, you would buy your movies via iTunes. Just saying. :-) #
  • 16:44 @gnishikawa As a Monctonian, would you be willing to pay higher (gas) taxes for a Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal line? I wouldn't. #
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When China Becomes Democratic You Can Thank Me

I'm not exactly sure how educating a Chinaman on the location of the
signing of the (the voted down) last attempt at a Canadian
constitution will lead to democracy. But it will. Take that Nobel
Peace prize Al Gore.


High Speed Train Mania

If there were no speed limits, would you buy a Porsha, a Ferrari or a Lamborghini? You might answer "if I could afford it". Well, you can't can you? You would rather spend that money on food or medication when you retire.

So why are some people advocating high speed trains?

High speed trains are hugely expensive to build and operate. People with money fly, people without take the bus. In between there is the car. There are some places where high speed rail makes sense. New York city is an example of a place where air travel has achieved saturation at certain hours. Bigger planes may be a solution, but they also require longer separation times between landings.

However, you may have noticed that New Yorkers are going to many different places. You can't build high speed trains to all those different destinations. But taking out some planes that are flying in the Washington-Boston axis makes sense. If airports in New York become really saturated, you might even see some New Yorkers flying out of Philadelphia and Boston. The Accella train is still expensive for the federal government, but presumably people waiting on Newark's tarmac are willing to kick in some tax dollars to not hear ("there are 98 planes waiting before us").

But high speed rail means higher taxes. Unless you build a high speed line instead of an airport or instead of widening a major highway, they hardly ever make sense. And in the case of highways, encouraging people to take the bus (with tolls and higher gas taxes), is significantly cheaper. If fact, it requires no tax dollars at all for the same increase in transportation capacity.

For example, there is less than one bus per hour between Los Angeles (pop. 18 million) and San Diego (pop. 3 million). The 193 km journey will cost you $18 and you get there in 2 to 3 hours. That is 9 cents per km. The prosed high speed rail line will actually make a detour via Ontario and Riverside and will therefore take at least 1:20 . The ticket price is yet to be determined. But I'm going to guess it will be more than $18. 

In the UK they have significantly lower income taxes (but slightly higher sales taxes) and they manage to offer essentially free medication and dental to all. I'm just saying. 

My/Mes Tweets du jour

  • 20:37 @joshsieg I've been on a bus that was hit by a car. The car was demolished, I didn't feel a thing. #
  • 20:45 @cnnbrk If Spain allowed referendums, there wouldn't be a need for ETA. See Quebec. #
  • 20:50 They take typos seriously over there. RT @nprpolitics: U.S. Journalist Sentenced To Prison In Iran tinyurl.com/cxo7x2 #
  • 20:54 It is a good thing we stop germs at the border RT @nprpolitics: Ranks Of Underinsured Americans Grow tinyurl.com/dl7g7d #
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My/Mes Tweets du jour

  • 14:33 @emoltzen Have you read the "breaking news" @cnnbrk ? Sometimes interesting, but clearly not SMS worthy. My tweets, on the other hand.., :-) #
  • 14:44 Lol RT @jimmyfallon: @oprah. She's the real Oprah. Beware of impostors like @noprah @fakeoprah and @oprahwinfake. None of those are her. #
  • 20:41 More of a smirk if you ask me. RT@BreakingNews: A photograph released by Venezuela: Chavez and Obama smiling: twitpic.com/3hgdk #
  • 03:06 Dear Tom Costello of NBC News, Montreal is only "a few hours north of the American border" by bicycle! twitpic.com/3ibev #
  • 03:12 Tom Costello of NBC reports that McGill is a few hours drive from the border, and cheaper than private US schools. twitpic.com/3ibod #
  • 05:28 Change altavistagoogle.blogspot.com/2009/04/change.html #
  • 05:50 Sigh. I miss Europe. I did ALL of Europe last century. Stayed in over 100 hostelsRT @nytimes: In Europe, Hostels Grow Up bit.ly/PYqcX #
  • 06:33 @MobileMommy Your blog is quite pretty! But I can't see what I'm typing when leaving a comment using my iPhone. Never had that problem b4. #
  • 07:01 @MobileMommy Please dissregard my previous Tweet. Your blog is perfect in every way (and so is my iPhone). The guilty party is Tweetie. #
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Waking up Canadian or Québécois

I love that this Canadian Citizenship department commercial (waking up
Canadian on Youtube) has a clin-d'oeuil at Quebec's nation status.
Only fair, I suppose, as the Queen's picture has a cameo (probably as
an example of a foreigner who woke up Canadian despite never living

Hat tip to wiselaw.blogspot.com

NBC Nightly News Takes Long Way to McGill

I enjoyed most of tonights' NBC nightly news (msnbc.com or podcast via
iTunes), they talked about Craigslist, Youtube and Twitter. They even
talked about my university town: Montreal.

Tom Costello reports that universities are largely funded by the
Canadian government, that McGill is prestigeious and that it is "a few
hours north of the American border".

Guess which subjects Costello didn't study at university.

The Canadian government gives research grants, no doubt . But much of
the university's budget comes from the government of Quebec (32%).

You would have to get seriously lost and enter Montreal during the
morning rush hour for McGill to be "a few hours drive north of the
border". Dito for the other universities mentionned: Carleton,
Queen's, UBC,Toronto.

View Larger Map**************************************

The exception is Dalhousie. That is the only university mentioned that
is a few hours drive from the US border. Maybe Costello wrote his
script about Halifax's Dalhousie but only got the budget to go to

Finally, McGill is Montreal's poor cousin. The province's leaders,
doctors and Nobel winners go to Université de Montréal. That truely
prestigious school is pearched between Westmount and Outremont.
Université de Montréal is so prestigious that to get in, Americans
must already have 1 year of university and be fluent in French!
(Quebeckers go to free CEGEP for grades 12 and 13).


My/Mes Tweets du jour

  • 14:15 @WaspyRedhead The biggest US budget item is the military. An independent Texas would probably spend huge amounts on defence... #
  • 14:26 @aplusk I suspect Kutcher is a fan of Weeds (the show). #
  • 02:24 @WaspyRedhead I took me a while, but I finally realized you ment secession/separation/independance. #
  • 02:32 @ivysmith You lost me. How did you arrive at that number? #
  • 02:35 This made me smile RT @backwerds: theory. everybody has one--- what's yours? #
  • 02:36 And yet you are my favourite twitter RT @KristinsAwesome: Kristin Tullis is ranked 1,370,434th on twitterholic! (by followers) #
  • 02:49 The Milion man march for white people. Our own Louis Farakhan RT @aplusk: thanks for getting it tinyurl.com/dhjov5 #
  • 03:23 Congrats @aplusk, one small tweet for a man, one meaningless twitter for humanity. twitpic.com/3fzs1 #
  • 03:32 0.017% of the world follow @cnnbrk on Twitter. Fewer than actor @aplusk . twitpic.com/3g02j #
  • 03:48 @kingsthings 1000,000 people, in the entire world, follow @cnnbrk. Not so sure that is something to brag about. twitpic.com/3g0ku #
  • 04:15 @mikekochansky For a split second I thought you had hacked my webcam and posted a picture of my appartment... er, of my servant's quarters. #
  • 04:22 The federal (progressive) NDP more popular in Quebec than the governing Conservatives! #
  • 04:26 So @aplusk is the first person/entity/PR firm/avetar to reach 1 million followers. But who will be the first to follow 1 million tweeters? #
  • 04:30 4PM Hawaii time. Oprah will have written a book by then! RT @KHONnews: @oprah tmrw on KHON2 at 4pm. she'll b twittering w/ @aplusk #
  • 04:57 Dear spammers, do not bother following me, I will block you. Mostly to reduce my urge to hunt you down and murder you. Self defense. #
  • 04:59 If a tree falls in a forest and @aplusk doesn't tweet about it, did it really happen? #
  • 05:01 Hey all you selfish iPhoners, this is your fault RT @WSJ: Sony Ericsson Posts Loss, Cuts 2000 Jobs bit.ly/UK9Z #
  • 05:06 "Hey Big Fig, the fuzz is coming. Drop the package at JL's." As a member of the Hell's Angels part deux(TM), I find Twitter quite usefull. #
  • 05:14 As I'm in Moncton, is it OK to follow a teen twitter located in Singapor? Or is it still creapy? (Note to self, remove from iPhone b4 going) #
  • 05:17 Is there a way to jump to tweets from prime time? I'm getting tired of reading tweets from 4AM losers. ;-) #
  • 05:20 @DearRobot I did not see that coming. #
  • 06:36 @emoltzen Wakes you up? How does that work? #
  • 06:41 Dowloading movies "Everybody does it" RT @bbcbreaking: Pirate Bay founders jailed: news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/8003799.stm #
  • 06:49 RT @DearRobot: (@apiphile) Dear coworker: the word is "ask" not "axe", to axe something is a different verb entirely. #
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My/Mes Tweets du jour

  • 07:09 @jennamacneil Don't forget to budget for New Brunswick's higher cost of living. EVERYTHING x housing is more expensive in Moncton than T. #
  • 07:16 @Altavistagoogle Income taxes, sales taxes, beer, gas, electricity, food, furniture, etc, cost more in New Brunswick than in Ontario. #
  • 14:28 @MobileMommy Sorry, I have the iPhone religion. It doesn't help that I have to help netbook users as part of my job.Just trying to save U . #
  • 14:32 @MobileMommy "I hate this keybord", I hate this mouse pad". "This netbook is so slow". "How did I get a virus?". 8 hours a day. #
  • 14:36 @etoile So does shoplifting. But you wouldn't brag about that on Twitter. Copyright infringement is enforced! #
  • 14:52 Why do Americans pay taxes? I thought the government just borrowed everything from the Chinese. (sarcasm) #teaparty #
  • 03:54 LARRY KING RESPONDS TO ASHTON KUTCHER: "we will defeat you" tinyurl.com/c2s6en #
  • 03:58 CNNbrk was'nt brough to you by CNN? tinyurl.com/csc6bg #
  • 04:07 So I've started a gang to fill the void left by the Hell's Angels going to jail.My followers are official members. You better start earning! #
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Forget the Carbon Tax, give me your money!

You drive to work. I walk. You probably feel guilty because you are ruining the planet. Unlike All Gore, I actually am saving it. One footstep at a time. And if you give me $10 per year, I will continue to walk to work. Until I have enough to buy a car, of course.

By the way, I feel like I'm talking in the wind: PLANTING A TREE DOES NOT OFFSET CARBON EMISSIONS! When a tree dies, it will release 100% of the absorbed carbon back into the admospher (via fire or decomposition). 

Twitter is Costing me Money

Last month, pre-Twitter, I made $7.26 thanks to my blog. Not much you say? Well, based on the first half of April, I'll only make $2.50 this month! Less than half? And it get's worse, twice as many people have clicked on ads in the first half of April vs. the first half of March. So Twitter is generating more traffic to my blog, but a much less lucrative one.

This is something to think about for those of you with higher blog income. Ashton Kutcher may have a million Twitter followers, but he ain't got didly from it. Well yet anyways. I'm sure he will lead us to something lucrative for him.

By the way, in case you are wondering, the most I "earned" was US$20.26 in October 2006, which I think was the Liberal convention. Bashing whatshisname was quite popular. And to be fair to Twitter, October 2008 only netted me 77 cents... 


My/Mes Tweets du jour

  • 07:24 I love how Paris makes the Twitter trend list just for being Paris. The city this morning is only slightly aided by Paris Hilton tweets. #
  • 00:38 A tad too positive if you ask me. RT @perezhilton: The New York Times today talks about the "power" of Twitter! tinyurl.com/ce82na #
  • 00:57 @MobileMommy Buying netbooks is indeed popular among the purse carying crowed. I just never see anybody use them away from home... #iPhone #
  • 01:02 @etoile Never admit to illegal activites such as using a torrent to download a new studio movie. By the way, stealing is wrong. #
  • 01:08 So is the Easter Bunny. What is your point? RT @mileycyrus: Jesus is real. #
  • 01:17 @KevinRuddPM Not so much here in snowy Moncton, Canada. #
  • 01:22 Kind of cool that Moncton is a recession free zone. Being stuck working in a call centre untill I retire: not so cool. #
  • 01:28 People came here to watch curling?RT @crashalan: Finally back from the curling matches in Moncton. VERY happy about Scotland's victory! #
  • 05:00 @hautecocoa Well, someone has to pay for the war in Iraq, and it won't be me (thank you former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien). #
  • 05:08 @moonfrye ...that I am way behind on my Tweet reading #
  • 05:19 So what is the benefit of the Afghan war again? RT @canadapolitics: Study: Canadians benefit from taxes. tinyurl.com/clw42e #
  • 05:25 "make a sex tape and grow up"(Jaimie Foxx about 16 year old Miley Cyrus) !? tinyurl.com/c4larb #
  • 05:48 If Miley does take Jamie Foxx's rude suggestion, may I suggest it be entirely oral. la... Read more at tinyurl.com/dnxrsq #
  • 06:09 Who is loaning money to unemployed Torontonians who are buying a house, and moving, to Moncton's exurb? This is sad. bit.ly/eJXgJ #
  • 06:15 @jennamacneil How on earth did you manage to get a mortgage if you and your spouse are unemployed? You'll work for $12/hr in a call centre! #
  • 06:28 @jennamacneil I knew 5 people with MBAs when I wrkd at Sitel. They were making $12/hr because they spoke French. English workers made $11.30 #
  • 06:38 As a former Ottawan,I beg all of you living in civilization. DO NOT MOVE TO NB TO WORK! Career and financial suicide. But the ocean is nice. #
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My/Mes Tweets du jour

  • 07:03 @seo_joe Off with his head I say. Or make him Madoff's prison mate/lover. Although he shouldn't try to sell his futur memoirs at Amazon. #
  • 07:07 @SomersetBob ??? You must be thinking of Face Book or Myspace. Twitter is self serve. I am now following you. No action of you required. #
  • 07:20 Kind of curious what is in the gay prevention book listed at amazon. To be fair, I think the 2nd book is pro-gay. twitpic.com/39a38 #
  • 04:18 @MobileMommy Don't underestimate the iPhone's keybord, and don't overestimate netbooks'. #
  • 04:25 If you voted Liberal or Conservative, this is your fault. And for what? A pro rape government? RT @canadapolitics: 1 Canadian soldier killed #
  • 04:30 @mileycyrus Thanks Twitter, now 16 year olds are barking orders at me. #
  • 04:45 There are published rumors (aka the Bible) that God exits. RT @mileycyrus: rumors are the same things as lies. the LORD will not honor it. #
  • 04:50 @danmur Yes, I use (abuse) this feature a lot. twitpic.com/3as4m #
  • 05:15 Le Wimax ne pogne pas: tinyurl.com/cccbj3 #
  • 05:43 Pofound thought of the day - twitpic.com/3at3y #
  • 06:03 How do I keep Moncton's riff-raff from following me? :-) Sorry, I'm a Fawlty Towers fan. #
  • 06:14 It is 6 am and already 5 people have tweeted today on the 20 year old sitcom Fawlty Towers! Don't mention the war! twitpic.com/3atnk #
  • 06:16 @Altavistagoogle Sorry, that should be 30 year old sitcom. #
  • 06:22 117 soldats mort pour rien. Votez NPD SVP RT (SRC) Une soldate canadienne est tuée et 4 autres militaires blessés tinyurl.com/dcl33h #
  • 06:35 Slow news day. There is a thunderstorm in Australia and Sydney makes the Twitter trend list! And the trend list is why Google wants Twitter? #
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Le Monde.fr: Le Wimax, l'autre technologie permettant de surfer sur Internet sans fil, est au point mort en France

Le Wimax, l'autre technologie permettant de surfer sur Internet sans
fil, est au point mort en France

LE MONDE Laurence Girard | 13.04.09 | 10:01

Bolloré et ses concurrents n'ont pas respecté les délais pour
déployer le réseau.

Accédez à l'intégralité de cet article sur Le Monde.fr :


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My/Mes Tweets du jour

  • 06:02 @summero Yeah, probably not a good idea to admit publicly to having a bootleg version of an American movie. #
  • 06:06 @majidrazvi Agreed. I do not have voice mail on my iPhone. People can email, text or call back. $120 yearly savings, plus air time. #
  • 06:11 @arleigh French fries were invented by French speaking people of Belgium. It is the most plausible theory. Now I have craving. #
  • 06:12 @majidrazvi Sweet. #
  • 06:50 @cnnbrk How is a random murder in Rotherdam CNN worthy? #
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My/Mes Tweets du jour

This is the TEST shipment you asked for

  • 04:03 4AM trend: South Park more popular than Jesus!. However, Passover is more popular than South Park... twitpic.com/31egg #
  • 04:16 Dear Moncton city council. Stop killing downtown! Moncton has too much land zoned for commercial retail. #
  • 04:19 With the popularity of online commerce, shouldn't cities have less land zoned for commercial use, not more? #
  • 04:22 Does it make sense to move the Moncton jail from a central location, next to court, to a small town of 3000, with no sewage, 25 km away? #
  • 04:56 Is Shaq trying to seduce Mark Cuban via Twitter? tinyurl.com/c9hnrh #
  • 05:04 Who will be the first to crack 1 million followers on Twitter? By the way, why doesn't the Pope twitter? I say missed oppertunity. #
  • 05:35 Altavistagoogle . Just google it... twitpic.com/31ghz #
  • 05:36 Altavistagoogle . Just altavista it. twitpic.com/31gik #
  • 00:50 Parks and Recreation on NBC: My new favourite show. But only because I no longer work for a city. Otherwise, it would be too much like work. #
  • 01:04 Incredible! Some people don't love Parks and Recreation ! I wonder if fans have common characteristics. Can't tell yet from Twitter. #
  • 02:23 I'm now following 240 fans of Parks and Recreation (people who have twittered love). What is the commonality? 3000 more fans @parksandrecnbc #
  • 03:14 Bold prediction. Cyrus will surpass @mrskutcher in two weeks RT @mileycyrus: @aplusk yo text me as soon as you get back to LA #
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You Read My Tweet, Me Make Money

I include a link at the end of my posts and Tweets. You will click on it, buy stuff, and I will live like a king.http://tinyurl.com/cdslpu

I want to insert ads in my Tweets

I made $7.92 thanks to my blog last month. But blogs are so last year. Now, like Miley Cyrus (who started at the same time I did), I'm Twittering on Twitter. The thing is, I got used to being paid for my hobby. Not much, granted, but who get's paid for their hobby? Anyway, I find the 140 character limit per post is plenty. So I have some room left over for advertisements.

Any ideas on how I can insert ads into my Tweets?



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