Poll: Quebeckers Do Not Like Gerard Kennedy

Once again, the Globe and Mail has managed to turn interesting poll data into an incomprehensible article.

The general conclusion for Quebec would be that Gerard Kennedy is disliked.

Mr. Ignatieff was most highly favoured by Quebeckers, 28 per cent of whom said they would pick him first among the other three party leaders.

Mr. Rae had 25 per cent of Quebeckers, Mr. Dion 24 per cent, and Mr. Kennedy 14 per cent.

Among Quebeckers, Mr. Rae, Mr. Ignatieff and Mr. Dion are all seen as better prime ministers than Mr. Harper.

With the poll's margin of error for Quebec, Kennedy's number could be 0%. That would make sense to me. I can't find a single Quebecker who likes him.

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