Complaint by Shoshana Berman

Sometimes reality is better than fiction. Well, Shoshana Berman's reality anyway. To paraphrase that guy on Weeds last night (HBO in USA, Showcase in Canada), "Crazy women are sexy".

From: "Jason Cherniak"

To: "liblogs"

Subject: Notice re: Complaint by Shoshana Berman
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 18:03:57 -0500

Dear Libloggers,
A former member of Liblogs, Shoshana
Berman, recently told me that there is"a publication ban on a personal matter
regarding [her] son". I have notyet been provided with a copy of this
order. Although I do not know whetherher claim is legitimate, I feel that
it is only fair for me to warn of youthis claim.
Ms. Berman has threatened to
take legal action against Liblogs, mepersonally and any blogger who contravenes
the court order by publishinginformation relating to her assault trial. I
reject any suggestion thatLiblogs has any legal liability in this matter at all,
but I will protectthe good name of the corporation if necessary.
Ms. Berman
has also contacted individual members with complaints. I do notknow at
this time whether her complaints have any legal legitimacy. Youwill have
to use your own judgement - and hire a lawyer if you feel itnecessary - if you
receive such a notice. I do not believe that Liblogs hasany legal
responsibilities in this regard. To be safe, though, I ask eachmember not
to search for and post copies of any articles that are out there,including any
articles already printed by the Guelph Examiner, since theLiblogs aggregator
would automatically link to the post on Liblogs.
I am really sorry to bother
you with this, but I don't think it would beright for me to not inform the
membership of this situation.
Blogger Support Services: a non-profit
corporation operating as<http://www.liblogs.ca/>

per: Jason R. Cherniak

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Anonymous said...

My mom used to say if you don't have anything nice to say...

What constructive purpose does a post like this serve? Really.

Christopher Bryden said...

Shoshana, use your real name.

AVG's point is that Shoshana is insane, and threatening everyone in sight with lawsuits.

She doesn't realize the purpose of publication bans is to protect victims, not insane wackos who attack children with scissors. She also apparently doesn't realize that the publication ban applies to her, as well.


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