High Speed Internet When We feel Like It: Rogers and Sympatico

Both Rogers and Sympatico are now actively limiting the download rates of their high speed customers. In a sense, it is hard to argue about the logic: peer to peer (i.e BitTorent, Limewire, etc...) is quite efficient, but not if everybody does it at the same time. Even the most avid Youtuber or gamer wont spend their whole evening using their maximum allotted bandwidth. If you are a Rogers customer and 5 of your neighbors each cue up an evening worth of torrents right before supper, high speed is not what you are going to get that evening.
Well, that was before. Rogers has emphasised the "share" in sharing. If you cue up a movie for download in the early evening, it won't be available for viewing before going to bed. But it will be available by morning. And really, to be fair, that is when you should be doing your torrents, during the night, when people are sleeping. Now Rogers effectively imposes that.
Since October 28th, so does Sympatico in one region of Canada. And that poses a problem. Remember, Sympatico isn't shared. You have your own superhighway to the Internet, to dispose of as you please. Well, that was the marketing... Now what?
According to my source, this is the gem that the Public Relation department at one Sympatico branded Internet provider has come up with: "Emphasize that email will not be negatively affected".

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