I Have Windows 7, I Want Charline and Crystal

Below are two of my favorite commercials. Of all the women in the Windows 7 was my idea commercials, these two are the hottest. Interestingly, the French girl (Charline) looks alot like the British girl (Crystal), but with a tan and speaking a different language.

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Update (2010-04-05) It appears the CPB Group has a winner with the Crystal and Charline Windows 7 commercials. Googling Windows 7 Charline is now the main way people get to my blog.

Berlitz Self-Teacher: FrenchI am now convinced that Crystal and Charline are the same actress, that both commercials were filmed in London and that the British version is a voice over. CPB Group is known for trying to generate Internet buzz for their clients. I suspect that was the idea behind using the same actress for the London and Paris versions of these commercials. Both were aired in their respective countries at Windows 7 launch, but now air in North America concurrently.

For kicks, here is some positive reaction to the commercials (and the mysterious actress that plays Crystal and Charline):

-"I like Crystal. She's cheeky". "I hate Windows, but I love their commercials. The one featuring that french chick is great too".

-ButlerGeorge These Windows 7 ads would be much more interesting if Charline (French) & Crystal (British) were in the same commercial. Pillowfighting.

-Altavistagoogle http://twitpic.com/1cjjet - Someone in the US Senate has a fixation with Charline (aka Crystal), from the Windows was my idea, I'm a PC ad.

-stoltenowWhich Windows 7 girl is hotter? Charlinehttp://bit.ly/beCJQi  or Crystal: http://bit.ly/27qoQc

-mphyunleashedI think I want to bang the British and French chicks from theWindows 7 ads... just saying...

-dominicbarrythank you microsoft for the hot french chick in the windows 7commercial.

--hot (forum gets vulgar)

-Glamourgirl_MOThis French windows 7 commercial is always so interesting to me

-owenowenowenI still have yet to read any of the subtitles in that FrenchWindows 7 commercial.

-kidKappyJust saw a French Windows 7 commercial, and I knew what she was saying without the subtitles. F*** YEAH!

-raul_americaMan that windows 7 French girl is H.O.T !!!!!!

-JNIX_LAThis Woman on the Windows 7 commercial is so beautiful. And the fact that she speaks French is just enhancing her beauty.

-bourbonjimboI wanna do incredibly dirty things to that French chick in thatWindows 7 commercial

-tiffany323just saw this windows 7 commercial w/ this french girl. Made me want 2 be french.."meecrosoft vindowz siet"

-JayTLSHAWDiDis french chick from dis windows 7 commercial is f***ing HOTTTT I love da way she looks an talks

-misterincognitoThanks to Microsoft, I now know how to say "Windows 7 was my idea" in French.

-TravelingRothsWindows 7 commercials: French chick > English chick.

-ttedderWindows 7 French chick = hot

-iamnotdannythat French chick on that one Windows 7 commercial is really cute. yum.

-AKAnocIastThis windows 7 commercial makes me want to take french again. Doesn't make me want 'Vista: The Remix'...just more french classes

-nottoobadlyHello, cute French girl in the Windows 7 commercial.

-DCDolphinThe British chick and the French chick in those Windows 7 ads get hotter and hotter with every airing.

-SamuelMonnieSome intseresting ads tonight ..did a double take for the Windows7 ad in French. C'est parfait ....

-Jman5245Damn, the French girl in the Windows 7 commercial is freakin' HOT!!

-SkysoonerI know the French girl in the new Windows 7 commercials isn't particularly hot, but speaking French makes the hotness factor go up by a ton

-djrozeAnyone know if the French lady from the Windows 7 commercial is single?

-hardnoxThe French girl in the Windows 7 commercial is awesome. Windows 7not so much. Apples been doin these things for years!

-rdvelvetcupcakeThat's funny, because I'm kind of in love with the French chick from the other Windows 7 commercial.

-xNonentityyI love how one of the new Windows 7 commercials is in French. I can understand a lot of it. :D

-BeejMachineI think I'm in love with the French woman in the windows 7commercial.

-Jackerson14The French Windows 7 commercial makes me long for Paris. I need to go back soon. :( Paris.... Lol Good Morning !!!

-speedythesnailThe french girl in the windows 7 commercial is pretty hot

-Schlik1Who's cuter British Windows 7 Girl or French Windows 7 Girl?

-knytemereOmg! Windows 7 commercial in French. I love it :D

-JermShirleyThese Windows 7 commercials with the French and English chicks are hot

-thesunbreakmvb: Microsoft, the French woman in ur Windows 7 commercial is too hot for the reenactment gag to work. Just sayin'.

-mattruddickI wanna go try out my rudimentary french on that french girl in theWindows 7 ads.

-hec13As much as I hate microsoft I gotta give them props for the french "I'm a PC" commercials."Moi, je suis PC et Windows 7, c'etait mon idee"

-MelissaLynnetteI love the French girl in this Windows 7 commercial.

-OmgeezleLove the new Windows 7 commercial, french chicks are hottttt #Love.

-bloodypAm I wrong, or is the actual French girl in the Windows 7 commercial way hotter than the "dramatization girl"? I think I'm right, right?

-S1ackerKingOk the more I see that Windows 7 commercial with the Frenchwoman, the more I want to got to France. lol

-REGINEisBOSSThis French Chick On The Windows 7 Commercial Looks Like@MTVsammi

-GG_SimbaThe French girl from the Windows 7 commercial is cute! Too bad Paris is such a dump...

-0WickdChaos0LOVE the Windows 7 commercial in French, I wanna studyFrench now

-nick_blackThe French chick in the Windows 7 commercial... *le sigh*...

-wealthybigpenisThe French girl hawking Windows 7 (the one who drinks too much coffee) doesn't need the model reenactment. She's pretty cute on her own

-elisef32Love Windows 7 London taxi Ad too! RT @KrisColvin Love Windows 7commercial w the cute girl speaking french in front of Le Pure Cafe.

-wholoveschuckI'm in love with the girl in the french windows 7 commercial and i don't know why.

-KrisColvinI don't love Windows 7, but I do love the Windows 7 commercial with the cute girl speaking french in front of Le Pure Cafe. Parfait! :-)

-geofflatulippeI'm sort of in love with Crystal, the British chick in the Windows 7commercial. She has the perfect British girl accent.

-SamuelMonnieLike the windows 7 campaign... UK execution in a black cab. Hope they don't fall into a cliche trap.

Negative reaction: 

-YouLoveSolI can only take so much of the overly-caffienated French girl in the overly-played Microsoft Windows 7 commercial. #pleasestop .

-ritarezI don't understand the Microsoft commercials in FRENCH: "I'm a PC andWindows 7 was MY idea." Does French automatically make it better?

-LngHrDntCr13I'm so sick of this pollen & these annoying windows 7 commercials, esp the one with the french girl. Ugggh!

-Nsquared2Dear #Microsoft :please stop the windows 7 commercial with thefrench girl. She's not convincing anyone

-pinkfroggg the windows 7 ads are getting to me...all that "it was my genius idea" crap. Especially the french one!

-DistortedLoopSorry Microsoft, but a cute 20-something Brit or French chick saying Windows 7 was their idea just doesn't motivate me to run out and buy it

-robynfoulksThe Windows 7 commercial with the girl speaking French is SO ANNOYING.

-dlbyronSeriously, ya think French Charlene from the Windows 7 commercial wouldn't want an iPad.

-teh_geekMS needs a new ad agency - majority of Window 7 commercials now are a British girl & a French girl telling you how "Windows 7 was my idea"

-FusionRockRadiosome french on about windows 7 and how it was her idea. what the hell. no one cares. go back to france and tell them, maybe theyll believe u

-purseonalityThe Windows 7 spot with the French girl might have been a poor choice in this political climate; hell, my mom still orders "Freedom Fries."

-iamjavi83I'm getting #tired of seeing that french windows 7 commercial.

-whitekcSorry microsoft, it's going to take more than a pretty french girl to sell me on windows 7#ineedamac

-Phillybergwhy am i not surprised that in the most recent Windows 7 commercial - the French are taking credit for everything?


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