International Mobility

Canada should negotiate mobility agreements with other countries. If New Zealanders and Australians can live in each other's country, why not Canada and the UK? Or Canada and Australia? Or, gasp, Canada and the United States?

Canadians could embarrass the United-States by negotiating a mobility agreement with Mexico. In a sense, we already have one as there are limited mobility provisions under the North American Free Trade agreement (NAFTA).

It would be easy, it would be cheap, and based on Australian-New Zealand experience, a small percentage of people would take advantage of it. But it would increase the freedom of all Canadians.

With countries that we do not negotiate a mobility agreement, we should admit immigrants on an auction basis. If any money is generated under this scheme, then Canada could spend it on making aboriginal reservations bigger. The current point system is unfair, creates high expectation among applicants, and is inherently bureaucratic.

The following is from: cepa.ncpa.org

The Case of the Czech Republic
There are currently about 17,000 Czechs working in Great Britain; 5,000 in Ireland; and 150 in Sweden. Such numbers hardly give substance to arguments about the threat of a Central European deluge onto Western labor markets. As Katerina Berankova, spokeswoman for the Czech Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs told Central Europe Digest in an interview, "Czechs are not used to moving for jobs even within the country, let alone moving abroad."

In fact, the Czech Republic hosts more foreign workers than it sends abroad. There are over 75,000 workers from its eastern neighbor Slovakia (up from 58,000 two years ago) and close to 13,000 from Poland (up from 7,000). Even so, the country needs more workers. "We expect to have shortage of 420,000 qualified workers in 2030," says Berankova. This is why the Czech government has already established projects targeted at attracting job-seekers from countries outside the EU, such as Bulgaria, Canada, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.


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