Geocities is Dead, Will CBC be next?

Yahoo's new CEO is pulling the plug on Geocities. I went through the
stages of mourning and I'm now on acceptance. Geocities has been
replaced by blogs and social sites. I get it.

But if my sacred Geocities is already past due, what about other
sacred cows such as the CBC? With millions of Canadians posting videos
and text on the Internet, do we need the CBC?Want? Sure. But need, as
in spend a billion dollars a year? Not so sure.

Dito for Via Rail. Bus companies don't require subsidies and will get
you there just as fast. When you think about it, what is the point of
subsidised passenger rail in corridors that are served by uncongested
4 lane highways?

Illiminating Via would mean more passengers for the bus, therefore
increasing bus frequencies, making them more appealing. By the way,
bus ticket prices are regulated.

If you can cancel Geocities, time to re-examin all non-profitable
behind the time services.

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ADHR said...

So Obama is investing billions in high-speed rail, but we should eliminate VIA. Riiight.

Altavistagoogle said...

ADHR, wouldn't there be a better use for 8 billion dollars? Health care comes to mind. 8 billion is window dressing by the way. If Obama was serious about high speed rail it would be 800 billion. Thakfully for US taxpayers, he is not.

Liam Young said...

This is a very odd set of statements indeed. With this logic, we should pursue and dissolve the dozens (if not hundreds) of financial institutions in the US. 'Capitalism' would come to a halt.

We should also take back $75 billion used to secure loans made by Canadian banks and stop the BS that's going on with the car companies. If they're broke, they're broke. Down ask me to pay for them.

We should also make damn sure that the Canadian public stop subsidizing our Canadian media conglomerates like Conwest, CTV (Conservative TV) and Quebecor to the tune of several billion per year. Yes, we already spend too much public money on these welfare groups on programs like the "Canadian Film and Video Tax Credit".

The important lesson that Conservatives fail to appreciate is that it's flawed logic to treat public entities like for-profit companies and it creates a sure road to ruin. Saying that VIA Rail should be shut down in favour of dozens of fume-spewing buses makes zero sense. We've already taken a step back from the rest of the world by building more useless highways than ever before and you want to build more?

Give it a rest ...

Eric said...

I think "Yahoo's Geocities is dead, will Google's blogspot next?" would have been a far more appropriate (and interesting) comparison.

"This is a very odd set of statements indeed."


Altavistagoogle said...

Take the emotion out of your argument. Via trains are no less polluting than buses. The highways are already there. We might as well use them. And the rail companies would be happy to see Via go, as freight transportation is much more lucrative for them.

Via made sense when we didn't have highways to every Fredericton and North Bay in Eastern Canada. Now we do, and Via is therefor expensive with no social benefit.

Altavistagoogle said...

Eric, what do Geocities, the CBC and Via have to do with one an other? They are white elephants to which many of us have an emotional attachment.

I say it is time to take to tough decision and let them go. For better or worse, they have been replaced and are sucking resources away from services we actually use.


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