Peace in Moncton

Every year I wish for peace on earth at Christmas (or is it for New Years?) and every year I get a lump of coal. Humbug.
So I was going to wish for peace in Canada but with all the Indian land claims, greedy developers and western oil, that might not happen either.
So I wish for peace in Moncton. Moncton does have Indians, greedy developers and oil is part of the local economy (Exxon and Irving) and the French-English-Catholic-Protestant rivalries are bubbling just beneath the surface, but I feel pretty good about my wish for peace in Moncton. Sure, there will be plenty of crime and violence, that is hard to avoid. I'm just wishing that in 2008, there will be no armed insorection or war in Moncton.
Monctonians will probably die in (or training for) Afghanistan in 2008. Foreign wars are always deadly for the participants. But I'm not a soldier. I'm a simple civilian in Moncton. So I wish for peace in Moncton in 2008. Hope your community is as lucky. But not my problem if it isn't.

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