Death Penalty For Spammer

Spamming isn't black or white. But then again, neither is murder. We've come up with up bunch of words for it: second degree, manslaughter, self defence, hero...
And I don't advocate killing all spammers. My sister, for example, who sent an e-mail to everybody she knew in order to get out of her car lease, didn't deserve to die. But if a stranger sent me such an e-mail, then yes, kill them.
Murderers only hurt a few people (the victim and their friends and family). Spammers hurt thousands of people. Perhaps millions. Over and over again, without punishment.
This blog has just fallen victim to comment spam. I had to delete a few old posts that had become infested with spam. Every time someone leaves a comment, I get an e-mail. So I'm usually pretty good at deleting the comment spam within a few hours or their posting. But today,over 300 comments were left! All spam.
So I've put into action those annoying letter things you have to type to "prove" you are not a computer when commenting. If that doesn't work I will enable comment moderation and then it will be Blogger members only. :-(
PS. I generally disagree with the death penalty. But if prisoners have Internet access...

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