Ruth Ellen, The Mona Lisa of Our Time

1 photo.

How does a politician, no less a photogenic one that took Internet
Marketing as part of her Marketing Diploma at Kingston's Saint
Lawrence College, have a grand total of 1 picture of herself on the

To date, she has granted a grand total of 1 interview. And it was by
phone! Today she also made and an audio recording, in French this
time, that was auto-called to Berthier-Meskinongé- residents. Not a
YouTube video, a voice auto-call!

No Facebook, YouTube, Myspace, Twitter, Blogger, nothing. Her online
presence must have been (is?) completely anonymous. Quite remarkable
for a 27 year old. Granted, maybe working in a bar, you, gasp, don't
need the Internet!

PS. Yes, this entire post was so I could show off my iPad apps. :)


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