I Just Bought a Newton er, Ipod Touch!

I haven't been so excited about an online purchase since, well, ever!

And I'm not locked into an AT&T data plan for 3 years and I didn't have to pay anybody to "unlock" it (as would be the case with the Iphone).

More to the point, I have finally found an affordable device to take advantage of Moncton's free WiFi Internet.

For some reason, the Ipod Touch is more expensive in Canada (C$329) than in the USA (US$299). Perhaps differing duty rates are the cause (US$299 X C$1.06 is $316.94)?

Anyway, I just bough a 8Gig movie player/picture viewer/MP3 player/Wireless web surfing mini computer with a 3.5 in screen for $329 at The Source by Circuit City (formerly Radio Shack) using Online Interact.

Now all I need is a bit of Duck Tape to attach my cell phone and my Sansa (wich has FM radio capabilities), and I'll be all set.

For those of you with credit cards, you can also buy one at apple.ca and Future Shop online.

-iPhone: Why All the Advertisement?
-iPhone in Canada: Not.

*****Update (2007-09-09 15:48)********
No Camera! I guess I'll need more duck tape. Buyer's remorse setting in...

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