Ageism is Real In Outsourcing (Not just on The Office)

Ageism is Real In Outsourcing (Not just on The Office). Or, Qualified people need not apply.
It is kind of freaky when you see your employer advertising in India to, you know, replace you (thank goodness I speak French!). What is even freakier, however, is how they "adapt" to the local market.
I found these gems on the Indian web site of my employer, advertising for my job: Technical Support job requirements: "(...) or 1 year unrelated experience". "Preferred hiring age 18-35, however age is not the rejection criteria."
And these, for the same job, on some third party site:
"Good command over English".
"Desired profile: BE BTECH with More that 65% NEED NOT APPLY."
A BE Tech is a Bachelor of Engineering Technology.

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