Smoking Should be Illegal

Smoking is a selfish act that is immoral. Second-hand smoke causes cancer. Cancer is a horrible disease and by smoking you increase the chance that someone around you will get it.

Suicide is legal. Suicide bombing, not so much. And yet that is what smoking is, basically: Killing yourself and taking in innocent bystanders.

You can't masturbate in public. You can't masturbate in front of your children. Both can cause significant psychological trauma. Smoking can cause physical trauma and yet is legally and socially acceptable.
How To Stop Smoking And Stay Stopped For Good
Smoking is also a fire hazard. So even if you live alone, smoking puts your neighbors and firemen at risk. And for what? Your own personal "pleasure". Pleasure that decreases significantly with time.

People who are addicted to nicotine can use nicotine gum and/or nicotine patches. They could even start using chewing tobacco if they wanted to. But smoking is unacceptable.

Smoking should be illegal.

-Abolish the Monarchy in Canada
-If I Ran Canada


Anonymous said...

It is a fact that there is not one death certificate, anywhere in the world, stating ?cause of death: passive smoking.' Indeed there is not one documented case in which passive smoke has been proven to have killed someone, or even made them seriously ill. Health professionals are challenged over and over again to produce one, and consistently fail to do so. Instead they just repeat the party line: that ?experts agree' or ?studies have shown' that second hand smoke kills anywhere from 700 to 53,000 people a year - and we just have to take their word for it. But the huge discrepancy in the numbers alone tells you that these are not body counts, but statistical computer projections. In the case of ?active' smoking, this is routinely done in order to hype the danger. In the case of ?passive' smoke, it?s done to manaufacture a danger which doesn't exist, or if it does, is probably too small to be measured. The first is exaggeration; the second is nothing less than fraud.

Altavistagoogle said...

Wow, I didn't expect that. Is that how you sleep at night?

Saskboy said...

The junkies are funny sometimes, if they weren't also sad deluded junkies.

"Indeed there is not one documented case in which passive smoke has been proven to have killed someone, or even made them seriously ill."

Oh I see, since being "ill" isn't bad enough, someone has to get seriously ill before it becomes obvious that cigarette smoke from either end of the cigarette is dangerous? Exactly what proof does poor Smokey have that the smoke that kills smokers, isn't coming from the far end of the cigarette, which they no doubt breathe in as well as from the butt end?

Anonymous said...

Impeccable logic! Will cars be next?

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes, we know all this. The point is that they are addictive. My wife has tried to quit for years unsuccessfully.

Altavistagoogle said...

Heroin is addictive to. Should we legalise it? At least heroin doesn't cause health problems to others (except being victim of crime or neglect).

As for cigarets, nicotine gum would take care of the physical addiction.

KC said...


Can you please PLEASE find another party to join? The word "Liberal" is derived from "Liberty"--ie the ability to make choices without the state intervention--and clearly you have no respect for individual choice.

Altavistagoogle said...

Kyle, what about my individual choice to try to avoid cancer?

Smokers are imposing cancer risks on to me, without my accord.

I'm a member of the Liberal Party, not the Communist Party. You don't ask someone to leave because you dissagree with them!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree...if the authorities can make heroin, cocaine, speed, pot, magic mushrooms and anything I haven't listed illegal then they should be consistant and add smoking and alcahol to the list.

I resent smokers who enter your personal space in a public area and you find it's yourself who has to move away from them not vise versa.

I wish to defend my right to breathe. The air is toxic enough as it is with car exhaust and added industrial pollution, without the selfish pricks who are stupid enough to start smoking in the first place and hence end up with an "addiction" that they choose not to break, getting in my personal space.

You are an total idiot if you know the risks and choose to smoke.

The authorities are wasting tax payers money with their "quit smoking" campaigns advertising the risks of smoking to those who really don't care about the risks because like i said, if they cared about themselves, why would you start in the first place?

And all because it brings the goverment too much money.

Wake up society u bunch of morons.
No sympathy for the smoker !

Anonymous said...

"an total idiot" ... "u bunch of morons"

Check yourself. Stupid people are good at making good points look stupid. And yes, I'm referring to pretty much all of you.

Anonymous said...

Or you know what...you could just get over it. Smoking isn't going to be made illegal. Theres too much money in it. So your wasting your breath. You don't want to get cancer because of someone smoking by you, then move.

Anonymous said...

It's kind of hard to get over something that has taken your loved ones. My grandparents and father all died from lung cancer. My grandparents smoked around my father all the time, but my dad never picked up a cigeratte once. When we found out he had cancer the doctor looked at his lungs and they were black as the night sky. He got cancer and died because of second hand smoke. Please do not tell us to get over it and move because sometimes that is not an option. Smoking should be illegal, so innocent bystanders wont be killed by it.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. DO NOT tell us to get over it. You have obviously never had a loved one been taken because of smoking. Until you have had some personal experience with it, YOU get over it.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. I would enjoy if the bloggers here would not get so personal... if we are going to argue, i wish we would do so in a civilized manner rather than throwing around insults at eachother.

Apart from that, I have a personal belief that smoking should be made illegal. its not doing anyone any good and it has proven health risks. Besides, nicotene gum gives you the same feeling, just without the cancer. Chew that instead.

Anonymous said...

I know that I'm only 11 years old and what I say probibly doesn't mean much to you, but i agree 100% If all the other drugs like pot and cocaine are illegal, why is smoking not illegal. i have a mom who smokes and i hate it. it makes her and every body around her feel terribel. ive been writing letters to the presedent asking for a law agianst smoking.

Anonymous said...

Hey, smokey, I read your post, and I think you are 100% wrong in your opinions. I am a former smoker, and I'm pretty sure that hacking up plegm every morning isn't something that a lot of non-smokers do. Having smoked for quite a few years, I've also noticed that it made my teeth and finger tips yellow, if the threat of tar build-up in your lungs isn't daunting enough.

I don't smoke any more and guess what? I don't wake up wheezing anymore. I don't have yellow teeth or fingertips. I actually feel pretty damn good.

But of course, you actually want people to believe that there is no "conclusive" effects. Wait until you watch your child cough up a lung and then let's hear you talk about second hand smoke.

Anonymous said...

person under me..
tobacco is proven that it causes cancer and they were supposed to shut down the tobacco factories but they're too busy with making their selfish greedy money. isn't making the world healthier and reduce the death's of cancer more important than drowning yourself in money? i think so.

Anonymous said...

Instead of hiding behind blogs trying to get the government to do your dirty work for you why don't some of you militant non smoker freaks just come try to take my cigarettes personally? Then you won't have to worry about me sitting in my personal home blowing smoke out the windown and killing you all with my second hand smoke...I'll be having much more fun killing you with my shot gun..damn nazis...

Unknown said...

NO, smoking should not be illegal.

What a brilliant idea. There will be shootouts in the streets on overpriced ciggerettes in the black market, and the mafias and black market will grow huge. There will be mass protests and just taking Nicorette or some gum, it doesn't help that easy. Its your body. MAybe smoking in public areas should be illegal. But should alcohol be illegal?????
Anything ccan give you cancer or heart disease. Eating fast food will kill you eventually. Ban Mcdonalds. Ban obesity. Its your own body. Your choice.

Anonymous said...

I agree its your own choice but we nonsmokers should not have to breath secondhand airborn cancer! That is not right and should at least constitute willful endangerment of others! Smokers ought to be burned on a pile of cigarettes!

And to the last Anonymous, YOU SUCK

Anonymous said...

I agree that nicotene should be illegal but not necessarily alcohol. Alcohol does not addict everyone who drinks; there are plenty of true social drinkers, and studies have shown that when used in moderation, alcohol can actually be good for one's heart because it thins the bloodstream. However, with smoking cigarettes, even ONE is too many because nicotene is highly addictive.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Alcohol is addictive... ever heard of Alcoholic Anonymous... or Rehab?
Alcohol impairs you from driving, causes organ damge (which also leads to death), and makes you stupid. Alcohol is so much worse than cigarettes! It makes it easy for women to be taken advantage of. You can die from drinking your FIRST time if you drink too much. You can't inhale yourself to death with a cigarette, that comes over time. Alcohol impairs your thinking. Many people become abusive while drunk. Or deadly when they get behind a wheel. They drown. Or they do as my father did and pass out on their backs, throw up, and choke on their own vomit and go into a coma. True, long-term smoking can lead to death. But it doesn't affect your state of mind, how you act, or make you someone you're not. And alcohol long-term leads to death also. So does short-term with alcohol. People are targetting smoking right now to outlaw it, raise taxes on it, etc. But as soon as the guppies of the world have done it, they will start some outrageous campaign against alcohol also. So I don't think it really matters if people smoke. Yeah, it can kill them, but it's their choice. Same as it's your choice to have a beer or a glass of champagne, or even the whole bottle. It's a choice.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Smoking is bad Yes i totally agree with you, but it's the nicotine mixed with tobacco!! In all tobacco products! If your going to make smoking illegal make ALL tobacco products!! Not only is suicide but it's MUREDER!!! Your killing everybody your around when you smoke!! It's stupid SMOKING IS FOR STUPID PEOPLE!!

Unknown said...

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