Peter Worthington is Foolish, Woolly and Factually Out to Lunch

Peter Worthington wrote the following in Saturday's Toronto Sun:
"The stuff during a Quebec radio interview about a "war crime" (crime de guerre) being committed via the Israeli air raid on Qana that killed numerous civilians and got the anti-Israel crowd riled up during the war with Hezbollah, was not only dumb but wrong ."

How completely clueless do you have to be to confuse Tout le monde en parle, a TV show available across Canada on Radio-Canada (the TV station) and viewed on average by 1.5 million people, with a radio show? Five days after the fact. Four days after the sister paper, le Journal de Montréal, praised Ignatieff for the same television appearance!

Worthington is swimming in irony critisising Ignatieff's take on what whent on in Lebanon this summer, and yet is completely clueless as to what is happening on his own TV set every Sunday. I realise The Simpsons and The Amazing Race are good shows, but if you are a political commentator, perhaps you'd like to check out what happens on French TV from time to time.

No politics tonight on Tout le monde en parle, so you can stick to Homer and vicarious travel. Does this guy have a TV? I must have seen the Tout le monde en parle clip a dozen times this week, on English TV!

He also criticises Bob Rae for jumping naked into a lake with Rick Mercer.

"Why would a guy who wants to be PM, and is a prime contender to be Liberal leader, indulge in such sophomoric antics for national exposure? "

How about to spread joy. It was one of the funniest moments on TV in memory. Especially if, like me and most people, you didn't catch the spoiler in the National Post. The fishing set up was perfect. It was so boring it had me reaching for the remote, than bam, two but naked guys jump in the lake. LOL doesn't do it justice.

Anyway, with error ridden kill-joy columns like Peter Wortington's, I think I'll stick to the Toronto Star.

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Anonymous said...

I thought Rae's jump in the lake was his version of Martin's rock guitar stunt where Liberal handlers try to make their man hip. Hey kids. Look at me. I'm not old and stuffy. I'm a really fun and hip guy. Ignore the gray pubes....


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