University Dropout Gerard Kennedy Afraid of Quebec Talk Show

"Micheal Ignatieff has without doubt achieved what no party leader had done for a long time: attract sympathies from Quebec" (Translation of the Journal de Montréal's Pascale Lévèque)

Tout le monde en parle (Simple Plan was on) is a hugely popular talk show that plays Sunday nights on Radio-Canada (SRC). 1.5 million people regularly tune in to the show.

Bernard Patry, Gerard Kennedy's chief Quebec organizer, said yesterday in the Toronto Star that he wouldn't put his guy on the show "because they kill everyone".

Bernard Patry also advised Gerard Kennedy not to do any French media interviews over the summer, while he worked on his French.

The irony is the same day the Gerard Kennedy adviser's "because they kill everyone" quote appeard in the Toronto Star, Michael Ignatieff appeard on the show (recorded Thursday).

By all accounts, Ignatieff did very well (I didn't see it). Given that today is a holiday, the best I could come up with was this quote from Pascale Lévesque, entertainment reporter for the Journal de Montréal.

Michael Ignatieff a sûrement réussi ce qu'un leader de ce parti n'a pas fait depuis longtemps: soit s'attirer des sympathies au Québec. «Êtes-vous le sauveur du Parti libéral ou l'agneau sacrifié?» lui a demandé Guy A. «Je ne suis ni l'un ni l'autre. Les sauveurs du parti, ce sont les militant, les bénévoles.» Comme c'est gentil. N'empêche, on sent qu'il a une réelle sympathie pour le Québec. La seule chose qui lui fasse peur ici, c'est Air Canada, qu'il qualifie de pas très courtoise. «Parfois, j'ai le sentiment qu'un des liens qui nous unissent en tant que pays, c'est notre mépris pour Air Canada.»

Translation (by me):

Michael Ignatieff has without doubt achieved what no party leader had done for a long time: attract sympathies from Quebec. "Are you the savior of the Liberal Party or the sacrificial lamb?, asked Guy A. (Lepage) "I'm neither. The party saviors are the supporters, the volunteers."
Well isn't that nice. Nevertheless, we sense real sympathy for Quebec. The only thing that he is afraid of here is Air Canada, which he says isn't to courteous. "Sometimes, I feel that the thing that unites this country is our contempt for Air Canada."
An other example of the reaction is from MisterP who wishes he was a Liberal so he could vote for Michael Ignatieff. He writes in French: "I have no idea if this successful interview will have an impact on Quebec delegates, but they should think twice before waisting their vote on Dion."
I think Bernard Patry gave Gerard Kennedy some terrible advice. Being ignored as irelevant is far worse than being branded a unilingual. Kennedy should have spoken to the French media over the summer and he should definitely appear on Tout le monde en parle.
1.5 million viewers! Even if 85% of viewers hate your guts, that still leaves a good chunk of support. And this is a populist show, one that the Journal de Montréal covers in a play by play the next day. Radio DJs talk about it all week. And you have the watter cooler effect.
The only people that die on Tout le monde en parle are the totally ridiculous, like Radio-Canada's former president with his "Defecation is better than sex" or the Raelien cult leader with the funny head gear and extremely odd opinions on just about everything. Almost everybody else comes accross as human.
If Gerard Kennedy really wants to connect to Quebeckers, he will stop being a chicken and appear on Tout le monde en parle, inadaquate French, centralist views and all.
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KC said...

Hey keep up the good work! Your ridiculous anti-Gerard rants are attracting Gerard Kennedy ads to your blog!

Thanks for the publicity!

Anthony said...

This blog is becoming ridiculous.

Gerard's past work would definitely attract support to the Liberal Party especially in places like the East End of Montreal and Verdun, POint St. Charles and so on...

Guess what dude, lots of people there did not finish university either. They still work to help their communities flourish as well.

As for Tout le Monde en Parle, I honestly think it is too risky for him to go on now...but the way I see it, Gerard does not have much to lose in Quebec as it is...so why not go for it.

Altavistagoogle said...


You're right! Gerard Kennedy is helping the poor already (i.e Me)!

scott said...

Nice post. I agree completely, Altavistagoogle. And what makes it even more comical is how Kennedy's entourage [supporters] are trying to spin his weak numbers in Quebec as adequate. I think their quick soundbite is "there is no cause for concern". LOL

If you don't believe me, take a quick peek at Calgary Grit's writings lately.

There is no question that he [Kennedy] and his organization completely bombed in la belle province. That is the bottom line and why his delegate percentages were so low.

Anonymous said...

But why do 70% Liberals not want Ignatieff to be their leader?

Is it his support for the war in Iraq? Or how about his refusal to ask for more debate on the Afghanistan mission- that one is coming back to haunt him now.

No wait, this is my favourite: Ignatieff stated that Kyoto targets cannot be met and yet, his Quebec campaign manager Pablo Rodriguez passed a private members bill making meeting the Kyoto targets mandatory.

Ah Yes, Ignatieff, rookie politician at its finest. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

You're proof that having a University degree doesn't make you the cream of the crop.


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