Bell and Telus Ruined Cell Phones

Inspired by evil (or perhaps the rest of the world), Bell and Telus will now be charging 15 cents (oh the humanity) per incoming text message.
My dad used to say, "you can never have to many friends". Wrong! I can avoid calls with call display, but how am I supposed to avoid "How U doing" messages from every 18 year old girl who has my number?
So please sign my petition by leaving a comment. I will text the new CEO of Bell with excerpts of your petition 100 times a day as soon as they start charging the 15 cents per text.
If you don't want to sign the petition, then text the new Bell CEO at 514-555-Bell. Thank you.  
The Bell and Telus Ruined Cell Phones Petition:
We the undersigned work hard for our money (or will, once we get a job and leave home) and can not be held responsible for our friends severe lack of judgment. Please, for the love of God, don't make us go to Rogers.


Altavistagoogle said...

Location:Moncton, New Brunswick.
Comment to evil executives:
Don't you Bell and Telus people know that Rogers charges 0 cents for incomming messages? For the same price as 400 messages with Bell and Telus, you could use an iPhone with Rogers!

Socially Active said...

Problem lack of market competition.

Solution open access to wireless towers.

Anonymous said...

In the Philippines, receiving text messages AND receiving phone calls are free on cells!

Say hello to Fido, Rogers, and Virgin, because you are going to be begging them for customers.

Do we pay for junk mail that arrives at our door without our request? Then how could you charge for incoming texts! You are already charging them to send the darn message!


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