Samsung Instinct: Bell Bait and Switch?

The press release says "The Samsung Instinct will also be available with a wide range of voice and data plans, including the $10 Unlimited Mobile Browser add-on data plan that allows unlimited Internet access."

The Unlimited Mobile Browser plan is $7, not ten. And from my understanding, you have to use Bell's mobile browser. Therefore, for $10 a month (or $7?), you won't be able to use the full HTML browser on the Samsung Instinct that gives you the "full" Internet experience. This is the same rubish as Rogers with the Nokia N95.

Would you get a 3G Nokia N95 and surf WAP enabled pages at 2.5G speeds? No. Dito for the Samsung Instinct. Perhaps that is why the press release refers to "a wide range of voice and data plans". Otherwise, the wording would have been "a wide range of voice plans with Internet at $10", or something like that.

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UPDATE 2008-07-09, 19:33: According to minute 6:00 this poorly made video, the Samsung Instinct Defaults to WAP!


Anonymous said...

Are you stupid? They are charging more because it is full html.

Altavistagoogle said...

So Anonymous, $3 more to go from the mobile browser to full unlimited HTML (or least as full as it gets on the Samsung Instinct)?

That would make it by far the cheapest full web experience in the world. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think that is what Bell is planning on offering. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

the Samsung Instinct at Bell is still not out right ?


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