iPhone: way more than 10 million units in 2008

Granted, the USA, the UK, Germany and even France are big countries,
but if Apple sold 6 million iPhones in 11 months, how could it not
sell way, way more now that it is available everywhere else?

And remember, Germany and France only started selling the iPhone in
the Fall. (I forget when the UK started).

They sold out in the USA, UK and Germany!

France, untill today, charged high rates for their iPhone and yet it
sold better than anywhere else!

The iPhone will be huge in Italy, Spain, Canada and Australia now that
they can buy it. There are 150 million people in those countries.

I don't know enough about India and Japan except the huge amount of
people who live there.

Add Brazil, Mexico, Poland, don't forget Poland, and Apple could
easily meet its 2008 target of 10 million iPhones, even if not a
single one is sold in the USA!

I'm not as woried about demand as I am about supply. Hopfully China
doesn't have a labour shortage.

Speaking of demand, they should/could sell the iPhone in advance.
Apple could literally sell their iPhones before they are made.

Where do I sign? Because I don't want to wait untill October... 2009!

Envoyé depuis mon iPod / Sent from my iPod touch.

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