NB Tax Consultations

The Liberal-Graham Government wants to here from stakeholders AND
taxpayers (aren't they the same people?) which tax reduction strategy
they prefer.

Aparently, reducing taxes will allow New Brunswick to become self
sufficient. At present, half of the provincial government's revenu
comes from federal government transfer payments.

Seems to me that prortion would go up if provincial taxes were
reduced. In fact, New Brunswick could be self sufficient tomorow if
the government wanted to. All they would have to do is double taxes.

Doubling provincial taxes might sound crazy, but that would simply
bring taxes in line with those of France and Sweeden, our neighboors
to the East.

Speaking of Neighboors, the government proposes 6 options. I wont bore
you with the details as none are very creative.

But here is what I propose (let's call it option 7):

Alberta has oil, Ontario has gold and Quebec has hydro. As a result
they are stinking rich. What does New Brunswick have? Location.

So I propose massive tolls at New Brunswick borders. Not to be self
sufficient, that would be crazy, just to eliminate provincial sales tax.

But how do you impose tolls on rail freight, a federal jurisdiction?
You can't, but you can raise raillroad property taxes... Dito on
natural gas pipelines...

Since everything is made in China, I wonder why Manitoba never thought
of that.

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