Iran Tests Missles That Can Not Reach Canada, But Jorden iPhone 3G Stores at Risk

If you are reading this within 2000 km of Iran, it sucks to be you. But Canada does not need the Suez Canal, middle-eastern oil or anything else within the 2000 km radius of Iran. In other words, it is not our problem.

The Iranian president may be a bad blogger (he rarely updates), a puppet of religious leaders and totally anti-Israel, but he is no threat to Canada. More to the point, he is well within the norm of the region in which he lives. Israel, for example, may have nuclear weapons and yet the country denies voting rights to non-Jewish Palestinians. How effed up is that?

Iran and Israel are not Canada's problem.

We should act accordingly.

PS. In addition to iPhone stores in Jorden, Iran could also bomb iPhone stores in India, Egypt, Qatar and (yet to be official) China. The iPhone will not be available in Israel because [insert reason here] ). The good news is the iPhone manufacturing is on the out-of-range-from-Iraninan-missles East side of China. Some Chinese manufacturers may want to add that fact to their business cards.

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