iPhone 3G Sells out in Moncton, Fools Still Buying other Phones

I went to four Rogers stores today in Moncton-Dieppe today right befor closing time. All were sold out of the iPhone 16GB model. But all four had 8GB models available (who is going to commit to $1280 and say and say no to double the data for $100 more?). I was tempted for two seconds by the 8GB model, but in two years, 8GB won't be enough, and I'll be out of luck with a year left on my Rogers contract.
According to the Apple store availability site, most of the Eastern US is out of the 16GB iPhone (to early to check for the West). I feel sorry for HTC Diamond: 4GB, as if!
I was shocked that people at one of the stores were actually buying other cell phones. How poor to you have to be NOT to buy the best cell phone ever? :-)
Anyway, if you do go for an iPhone, keep some money availabl for apps. Some of them are great. I've already spent $60 for aps for my iPod touch. An iPhone without apps is increasingly like a computer without software...

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