Rogers Web Site Can Not Meet iPhone Demand

Gee, what a shock, Rogers.com site is unresponsive to iPhone purchase requests.

The Rogers web site, in theory, will allow you to buy an iPhone online. However, since most stores across the country are out of iPhones, people are flocking to rogers.com to purchase the iPhone.

And iTunes is unresponsive to iPod touch 2.0 software upgrade ($10) requests. As the upgrade is necessary to use apps from the apps store, well, it means it is necessary.

(rant begins) I want to spend my money but the world won't let me! (end of rant).

I actually could buy apps from iTunes in advance of actually being able to use them, but that seems silly. I have, however, been downloading the free ones. I want that virtual light saber!

-iPhone 3G Sold Out

Update (2008-07-11, 18:15): Ted Rogers is a greedy evil bastard! You can not get the 6GB iPhone 3G deal on the Internet.

3G Smartphone Data PlanAdd a 3G Smartphone Data Plan to a Rogers Wireless Voice plan.
Monthly Fee
Data Included for E-mail and Internet Use1MB = 1,024KB 1GB = 1,024 MB
Additional Data
50¢ per MB for the first 60MB, 3¢ per MB thereafter
3G Smartphone Data Plan is only available on a 36-month data term. Activations on Blackberry devices apply to Blackberry Internet Service only.
The 3G Smartphone Data plan is available on all 3G Smartphones including:
iPhone™ 3G
Nokia N95
Samsung Jack
Palm Treo
Motorola Q9h
This offer is available by calling 1 888 ROGERS1 or by visiting your nearest Rogers retail location.

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