Line-up started for iPhone

Some people love the Big Apple, some people love the iPhone. Why not join both hobbies together and spend a week on the side walks of New York City waiting for the Apple iPhone 3G (that was a rhetorical question).
Send your browser here to watch the iPhone incompatible video of a guy eating an Apple, on the streets of the Big Apple, explain why he wants to wait for an Apple iPhone. To be fair, he also likes beer (Guiness, as in Guiness Book of World Records). He also wants you to sign a petition. This would be the first petition that everybody in the world signs.
Watch the video, you will feel good.
By the way, the iPhone will be on sale starting July 11 local (where you are) time.
You know those Woodstock videos that symbolise the late 60 early 70 hippy movement? I fear this guy will be in videos symbolising the late 00s early 10s.
I'm not sure what the 60s equivalent of this is though:
RuinedIphone.com | Screwing Canadian iPhone customers since 2008
Petition against the data plans offered for the iPhone in Canada by Rogers Communications

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