Serbia now has same population as Quebec. New and improved Kosovo now 142nd most populous country in the World.

If you can't place Kosovo on the map, don't worry, there are 141 or so more populous countries to place on it. The 2 to 2.99 million club that Kosovo now belongs to is composed of unimportant countries that never affect us in any way. They include: Macedonia, Lesoto, Slovenia, Nambia, Latvia, Oman, Montgolia, Jamaica and Kuwait. How embarrassing for Serbia, without Kosovo, their country now has a similar ranking (94th) to Switzerland or, gasp, an independent Quebec.
Canada is number 36 on the list. You might want to check your globe for Tanzania (31) and Kenya (34). Did you know that there are 44 million people in Colombia (number 29)?
Canada should definitely fight to keep Quebec (unlike those Serbian quitters), without the province, Canada's ranking would fall to 45th most populous, right after... Afghanistan!
Interestingly, the new leaner Serbia (now with 95% fewer Albanians) is not even half way on the population ranking. There are about 100 completely independent countries that have fewer people than Serbia.
So it is hard not to laugh at people who think an independent Quebec would be unsustainable and way to small to be a country. Switzerland, Israel, Denmark (they own Greenland), Finland, Norway, Croatia, United Arab Emirates (where Dubai is), Ireland, New Zealand, Slovenia and Iceland all have fewer people.
And how many minutes will it take before Canada recognises Kosovo and by default a Serbia of 7.5 million people (same population as Quebec)?

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