Antidote to Grand Theft Auto Lust

Antidote to Grand Theft Auto Lust
Yesterday you were saving up for summer vacation or badly needed home renovations, but today you find yourself looking for the best deal on a PS3 or Xbox360 (about $400) so you can fork over an other $60 on Grand Theft Auto, apparently the best video game of the century. If you are American, the government is making it worse by giving you $600 this week so you can stimulate the economy.  
Well, reading this nega-revue should help put things in perspective, especially if you have a PS2 or Xbox that you haven't touched in a while...
"The flow of the game basically goes like this: you watch a cutscene, someone in the cutscene says that someone has done them wrong, you're told they need to be taught a lesson, and then you get in a car and go teach them the lesson. At that point another cinema is triggered and the process repeats. ... it can definitely become a little repetitive.
"You'll probably be surprised to hear GTA IV has noticeably fewer weapons and vehicles on offer than GTA: San Andreas did. ... Yes, this means San Andreas' more unusual vehicles like fighter jets, hovercraft, go-karts and jetpacks are all absent. Don't expect to be wielding chainguns, flamethrowers or chainsaws either." (4) "The world itself is smaller than the state-sized San Andreas" (7) and in general the game has "a feature list that's a step back from its predecessors."
Please note, reading the nega-revue is a bad idea if you are looking for excuses not to buy it as a gift. Grand Theft Auto may actually be the best game this century and you will lose major (love) points if you convince yourself otherwise.
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