iPhone in Canada: a true status symbol

iPhone in Canada: a true status symbol
You can't afford the iPhone. Good. Shame on you for not making enough money/having kids/a car/mortgage payments.
I, on the other hand, can afford the new iPhone. ;-P
Sucks to be you.
And to think I was worried about shortages and having to stand in line with commoners/riff-raff.
Positive blog reaction to the new Rogers and Fido iPhone price plans:
-Rogers announces iPhone rates in Canada
Rogers announces iPhone rates in Canada : Rates are bad, but not as bad as we have come to expect from Rogers.
Negative blog reaction to the new Rogers and Fido iPhone price plans (by the way, the new plans are actually a massive price reduction to what equivalent plans would have cost just a month ago):
-Engadget (five pages, and counting, of negative comments);
-iPhone ;
These really, really negative blog posts are the fault in part of irresponsible media for publishing that Rogers was going to introduce flat rate web surfing for $30 a month. Although, in a sense, that is true, just that the unlimited surfing must happen at a Second Cup.
I have never read so many angry blog posts about a massive price reduction. iPhone 1 owners had to spend way more to buy and use the iPhone on the Rogers network. Dito for Nokia N95 and most web enabled Blackberrys and even the HTC touch!


Anonymous said...

Hi mate,

Great post! It reflects the sentiment out there.

I know you think this is partially about an irresponsible media stating another pricing but for me it wasn't as I didn't even know about that particular issue.

No the negative reaction is about a larger issue. The words being pushed around are; raped, abused, crushed, fucked, etc. The list is long with expletives for sure.

The larger issue is one of a deep underlying distress about how Telecom companies are treating customers.

This isn't about the iPhone, the iPhone was just a vehicle to facilitate our feelings and the fact that we are at our limits.

The iPhone was by many considered a saviour, a messiah of change and people are upset because for once they saw light at the end of the tunnel. For years the dissatisfaction has been palatable and the iPhone as I said is just a vehicle for these negative emotions.

Things need to change and they need to change soon as people are very very rapidly running out of patience.


JohnLe said...

150 minutes is nothing, also with 75 SMS included with the plan you are unable to add anymore. I send around ~2,500 SMS a month, at $0.15/sms that’s $375 a month in overages on text messages alone!

Right now with Fido they have 300 anytime minutes, call display call waiting voice mail, 2500 sms, 2500 im, unlimited internet for $60/mo, beat that.

What ridiculous pricing.

Also fido has new data plans:
Flat rates

30$ for 300MB,
60$ for 1GB,
80$ for 3 GB,
and 100$ for 6GB

All have unlimited emailing from a Fido WM phone (only otherwise no emailing) and all plans are eligible for all Phones Fido or not, using any browser and for tethering.
Also, any MB over up to 60 MB is only 0.50$/MB and over 60MB is 0.03$/MB.

Flex rates

$50 - up to 500MB
$65 - up to 1GB
$75 - up to 2GB
$85 - up to 3GB
$100 - up to 5GB

I read your post on your blog, if you can afford a iPhone, good for you. Some people are just Apple fan boys and want to own something Apple created. If you want to go on and piss off people with your blog, don’t leave a comment in MY BLOG and let me see it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Thanks for linking my blog post. (it was one of the negative ones)

I just have to tell you a few things that you might be misleading people about, or might not understand.

It was not the media who was saying $30 unlimited plans, this is just how it was for AT&T customers in america - now that wasn't 3G it was edge so i at least was assuming a bit of a higher cost. 3G is supposed to mean internet everywhere, not only at second cup or rogers hotspots (i've never seen one).

finally i would just like to comment on your last little paragraph. iPhone 1 users did not have to pay any more to get their phone on rogers INFACT they paid less, because our dollar is stronger all you had to do was buy a phone in the states, bring it home and jailbreak it. - literally takes 2 seconds and no money. Unfortunatly EDGE wasn't even available for these early canadian adopters.

Altavistagoogle said...

Fathom. Thanks for your comments.

I counted at least 10 newspapers, including the Financial Post, that published reports bassed on the totally fake "leaked memo" posted by ONE PERSON in the ehmac forum.

iPhone 1 users did and do have access to the Rogers Edge network. The costs were/are outrageous. The new iPhone 3G data pricing is significantly better.

Glad I could clear that up for you.


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