Australians Finally Get TV... via iTunes

I feel a special kinship with Australians as I'm up during their day (Moncton's night) thanks to my Horrible Information Technology (HIT) job. So I'm happy to report (thanks to Gizmodo Australia), that Australia is finally getting Television!

Well, to be more accurate, they are fianally getting pay per view television via iTunes. Assuming there are honest Australians willing to pay for what they could otherwise steal on the Internet for free, this is a great day (or night, if you are in Canada and care about Australia).

When you think about it, paying for TV shows when millions of your countrymen watched the same shows on TV for free is a bit odd. If you had the right cable channels and knew how to program your VCR (or digital video recorder), you wouldn't have to buy the shows.

However, if you are like me, wide awake at 4 am, then pay per view via iTunes is a Godsend. Even though I have access to the Comedy Network, and a DVR, I completely missed Sarah Silverman's situation comedy. I like it enough to have bough both seasons and downloaded them to my iPod touch. I can watch them when I'm on the move (or at work), or if I'm home, I can plug in my $64 overpriced-but-essential Apple Audio/Video composite cable to my TV and watch the shows as they originally aired (ie, on TV).

Obviously, the shows on iTunes Australia will feature more Crocodiles. By the way, it would be great if iTunes would make available Australian shows on iTunes Canada. That way I would feel like less of a tool for paying hard earned dollars for something I could have watched for free. And based on the Australian versions of Next Top Model, Temptation Island and Big Brother, Australian TV has a lot to offer. ;-)

To open your mind to international popular culture, you can start by comparing the international versions of Big Brother here (not suitable for most workplaces).

PS. If you are in Australia (don't you people have your own blogs?), you can go here to fork over your Aus$59 to Apple to get the essential cable to turn your iPod touch or iPhone into the smallest and quietest living room media player ever.

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