Donair pizza with a side order of poutine

The poutine you find in Moncton is the Quebec version: French fries
and cheese kurds. Donair is an adapted
Turkish/Greek/Lebanese/Turkish-German dish kind of like a gyros or
kebab. Really, it is a gloriefied meet loaf. And you can forget the
lamb or mutton you find in other regions, here in Moncton, we prefer
beef and/or pork. Donair is nowhere near as popular in Moncton as in
Halifax, so in these parts, you will find the "meet" on pizza. With a
side order of poutine please.

When you add to the mix the fish and chip joints, you have and
incredibly unique mix of fast food places in Moncton: Donair, taco,
sub, burger, fish stcks, poutine, fried chicken, wraps. All this with
an ethnic population of about zero. Go figure.

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