Satellite High-Speed Internet

Satellite High Speed Internet is available across Canada. In Atlantic Canada, the provider/reseller is Aliant (the Satellite belongs to Telesat).

The good news for those of you outside Atlantic Canada is that you don't have to deal with the phone or cable companies to get your hi-speed Internet (you don't even need a phone line). The bad news is that the prices for satellite high speed Internet, below, are similar regardless of the reseller:

High-Speed LiteHigh-SpeedHigh-Speed Ultra
Download Speed (up to)512 Kbps1.0 Mbps2.0 Mbps
Upload Speed (up to)128 Kbps256 Kbps500 Kbps
Monthly Service Fee$59.95

Equipment & Installation Fees
Includes a satellite dish, modem and professional installation.

- With a monthly contract: 999.00 (one-time)
- With a 3 year contract: $599 (one-time) OR $23.00/mo. for 36 mths.

Needless to say, satellite Internet is NOT a reasonable option for people with an alternatve. However, for people who can only get dial-up in their neck of the woods, satellite Internet becomes a reasonable alternative to dial-up or moving into town.

Click here for a list of satellite Internet resellers in other parts of Canada.

Satellite Internet is not appropriate for voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services such as Skype. Online gaming would not be ideel either. But it is more than fine for web surfing, streaming videos (such as Youtube) and e-mail.

OK, now for the rant. I live in town, why is MY MONEY (via tax dollars and CRTC imposed fees), going to pay for subsidising Internet service in rural areas? New Brunswick did it, so has the city of Ottawa and many others. Rural residents already cost the rest of us a fortune thanks to road maintenance. Now we are paying to extend high speed Internet to their rural homes, despite the fact, than ALL rural Canadians have relatively affordable satellite Internet access available to them. Worse, those Canadians in the southern parts of Canada (95% of the population) have the choice of two different satellites (Hughs, formerly Directway, and Telesat)!

Update: 2008-02-08. Thanks to commenter Bruce for pointing out that Directway is now called Hughs. Post amended accordingly.


Bruce said...

I have my high speed satellite connection in Ontario but its with Hughes.net. So far no problems. The installation prices were the same as the ones you quoted but I think they may have more satellites to work with should one ever have a problem (it is THAT Hughes Corp after all).

DealsBroadband.com said...


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Anonymous said...

I’ve read a ton of articles and blogs on this new Japanese satellite. Allowing people to get high speed internet via satellite at these types of speeds is a real breakthrough. Nobody even receives that amount of data on a ground bases T line or cable connection. I wonder how long before the comes to the American market and when it might be affordable?

Anonymous said...

Rural internet and taxes. Good rant. I guess the bottom line is high speed internet has really become an "essential service" so the government is encouraging providers to expand their footprint to rural areas that don't (and never will) have the population to support a business case for the investment needed. And taxing us all for it. The thing I'd like to know is who/what is the best satellite service in NB right now.

jb said...

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