iPhone in Canada: 6GB for 30 dollars


Hard to argue with lower prices.I wish they would have simply removed
the onorous 50 cent per MB overage fee. But I guess this is OK. The
ironony is I'll probably be spending more them what I would have.

By the way, on an iPhone, 6GB is essentially unlimited.

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Scruffy Dan said...

i guess it depends what you want to do with it. For viewing web pages, or reading email then I would agree.

However if you want to download videos (such as podcasts) or use it as a voip platform then 6 gigs simply wont be enough.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Well, I guess it does make more sense to download your podcasts by connecting the phone to your computer every night, or using the wifi rather than using your cellular service to do it, but scruffy does have a point. I know people who would need to unsubscribe from a bunch of video podcasts for fear of going over the 6G limit every month.

"Essentially unlimited" is all in the eye of the beholder, but I will say this. If 6G was REALLY "essentially unlimited" Rogers would just give us an unlimited option rather than look like the tools they are for being so horribly uncompetitive with U.S. and European practices. It really makes one want to move to a first world country (cellular phone-wise).

Keep in mind, the $30 is data only. That's not what you pay every month, it's what you pay on top of your current plan for the 6G of data. What does $30 a month get you from AT&T in the States? That's right. UNLIMITED data.


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