Ban Dogs From Canada

I'm not suggesting it, but what would happen if there was a scenario where, as a democratic society, we had to ban dogs?
Here are some outrageous scenarios:
-Dogs cause disease in humans (a bird flue for dogs)
-We become radical environmentalists
-There is some sort of food shortage and people get a tad jealous
Perhaps less outrageous, but just as traumatic, what if we told people on welfare they can't collect if they have pets. In New Brunswick, it is impossible to survive on the $270 a month benefit, with or without a pet. But say there is a province in Canada that does give enough to eat and pay the rent, and we decide to give them less, because a pet is a luxury society is unwilling to pay for.
What would happen? I think it would make for an interesting story/movie of the week. Fahrenheit 451, the pet version.
Here are some dog/pet blogs: Pet Blogs // BlogCatalog
Dog bans, real and imagined:

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Anonymous said...

The way I see it, if someone on social assistance is able to properly care for themselves and their animal they are MORE than entitled to an animal... Now some that lives on the street should most not be entitled to an animal. If you are unable to provide for yourself, you cannot provide for a helpless animal. It is a sad thing to think, and I definately think that it is a crying shame that our government turns such a blind eye to homelessness... but the fact is what it is. You don't have a roof, you don't have a pet.


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