Free iPod Touch with New York Times

Or, to be more accurate, get an iPod touch and read the New York times, anywhere, for free.

Remember Pointcast? It started all the rage in push. Push was, in theory, a better use of limited bandwidth. You set Poincast for overnight, and your dial-up connection downloaded all the information even the biggest news junkie could use.

The New York Times iPod Touch/iPhone app works the same way. Download the online newspaper when you have Internet access, then read it when you don't. Cool. Obviously, you won't read the entire paper, so in theory you are downloading stuff you don't need. But you do that when you buy the Sunday paper as well...

I can't afford Rogers' iPhone prices at the moment. So having the New York Times in my pocket, on my iPod touch, is a good compromise. Getting (ie updating) the virtual newspaper in the morning is a easy as opening the door to pick up the real thing. With my high speed connection at home, the entire paper is downloaded within seconds. I'm not sure how the revenue model is doing, but I do know I have and incredible urge to stay at Westin Hotels (the only advertising you see when you are in Canada).

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