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When calculating magazine readership, you have to factor in that more than one person will reade each magazine. Most people don't live alone, some magazines will make their way to the doctor's office, you get the idea.

So is it the same for the Internet? Do couples read my blog in tandem. Do they email my "articles" to all their friends? I know that some people arrive at Atlavistagoogle from their email. How many more don't bother showing up, as the text is all in the email?

Anyway, as my counter approaches 20,000, I've decided that the multiplier is 100.

Which brings me to my favorite Google search result: two million people. Of all the searches for "two million people", my humble blog is currently number two! Wow. Why on earth would someone make a search for "two million people"?

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Anyway, for the curious, hear are the eclectic results for Two Million People :
-Expensive loans forcing two million people into debt-
-ALTAVISTAGOOGLE: Two Million People- [ Traduire cette page ]
Two Million People. Two Million People. That is, very roughly, the number of people that would have been born in Canada had the Supreme court of Canada not ...
-P. Sainath: Two Million in "Maximum Distress"- [ Traduire cette page ]
A Letter to the Israeli People: We are All Led by Mad Men. Illinois Students Against the War ..... And that nearly two million are in "maximum distress. ...
-The Prevalence and Costs of Diabetes- [ Traduire cette page ]
MORE THAN TWO MILLION CANADIANS HAVE DIABETES. By the end of the decade, ... People with diabetes incur medical costs that are two to three times higher ...
-Are there really two million people using Second Life ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
21 déc 2006 ... Virtual world Second Life broke through the 2m sign-ups barrier last week - but how many of those users ever go back? By Bobbie Johnson.
-BBC NEWS UK 'Million' march against Iraq war- [ Traduire cette page ]
Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets of London to voice their opposition ... although organisers put the figure closer to two million. ...
-Two million people 'not entitled to sickness benefit', says top ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
Almost two million incapacity benefit claimants should not be getting the money, the Government’s welfare adviser warns today.
-La Gran Marcha: The Sleeping Giant Awakes : LA IMC- [ Traduire cette page ]
The Los Angeles Times estimates 500000 people turned out; .... and that the Spanish media reported one and a half to two million participants. ...
-Learn More Be A Witness- [ Traduire cette page ]
Since 2003, almost two million people have been displaced by a campaign of genocide undertaken by the Sudanese government against the people of Darfur. ...
-Survey: 2 million bank accounts robbed - Online Banking- msnbc.com- [ Traduire cette page ]
Nearly 2 million Americans have had their checking accounts raided by criminals in the past 12 ... People who do their online banking at public computers, ...
-February 15, 2003 anti-war protest - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia- [ Traduire cette page ]
The StWC claims that this translates into 1.25 million households and thus supports the estimate of two million people, assuming that more than one person ...
-Migration Information Source - The Central American Foreign Born ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
There are over two million Central American foreign born in the United States. .... Of the two million foreign born from Central America, 817336 were from ...
-Medical Bills Leading Cause of Bankruptcy, Harvard Study Finds- [ Traduire cette page ]
3 fév 2005 ... We waste one-third of every health care dollar on insurance bureaucracy and profits while two million people go bankrupt annually and we ...
-Laos: 'Secret War' Still Killing Thousands - Worldpress.org- [ Traduire cette page ]
14 nov 2006 ... Laos had only two million people then. And we were later told that the U.S. and its allies dropped three million tons of bombs on us." ...
-Aid boom brings olive oil and cornflakes to Darfur - Times Online- [ Traduire cette page ]
8 oct 2007 ... While two million people languish in Darfur’s humanitarian camps, canny Sudanese businessmen are making a killing from the foreign aid ...
-Worldwide AIDS & HIV Statistics Including Deaths- [ Traduire cette page ]
By the end of the year, an estimated 33.2 million people worldwide were living with HIV/AIDS. The year also saw more than two million deaths from AIDS, ...
-Two million people, many of them managers, bullied at work- [ Traduire cette page ]
7 nov 2005 ... Two million people, many of them managers, bullied at work: Management and Business News.
-Saddam Hussein killer file- [ Traduire cette page ]
Kill tally: Approaching two million, including between 150000 and 340000 ...... The prosecution alleges that about 182000 people were killed during the ...
-BrewTube - New York Times- [ Traduire cette page ]
4 fév 2007 ... If after a year, between two million and three million people between the ages of 21 and 34 are visiting each month, “It would put us in ...
-Nearly two million people in Northern Ireland pay £231 millon in ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
Nine out of ten taxpayers in Northern Ireland – nearly 2 million people - will pay £231 million in unnecessary tax this year, according to research from IFA ...
-Touching People’s Lives: Two Million and Counting: Microsoft ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
19 avr 2007 ... Microsoft passes the 2 million mark with Windows Starter, using technology innovation to bring digital literacy to beginner PC users in all ...
-About sight loss - changing the way we think about blindness- [ Traduire cette page ]
There are around two million people in the UK with a sight problem. This means that while wearing glasses they are still unable to recognise someone across ...
-Almost two million drought-affected people will need relief food ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
Johannesburg WFP launches an appeal for US$78 million to provide emergency aid to 1.85 million people in the first half of 2005 in three drought-affected ...
-Nearly two million 'wrongly' get benefit - Times Online- [ Traduire cette page ]
A few private-sector "consultants" will make fortunes, while nearly two million people on under £80 a week will be made destitute. ...
-UK National News - Two million people 'risking their sight'- [ Traduire cette page ]
More than two million people in the UK are at risk of needlessly losing their sight through treatable eye conditions, according to a new report.
-Apple: 2 million copies of Leopard sold - Engadget- [ Traduire cette page ]
According to Apple, Leopard sold two million copies in its first weekend, .... So all those people acting like these 2 million sold units came all came from ...
-You are now one of about TWO MILLION peopLe who have a cardiac ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
You are now one of about TWO MILLION people who have a cardiac pacemaker implanted. Thanks to this tiny device, people with heart rhythm problems can enjoy ...
-Two million people a year killed by air pollution, says WHO- [ Traduire cette page ]
6 oct 2006 ... Two million people a year killed by air pollution, says WHO
-Online Radio Networks Reached More Than Two Million People In ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
The latest ratings for Internet Radio streams have been released from Arbitron, the survey company that keeps tabs on who is listening to what.
-More than two million people now own a second home in Britain ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
More than two million people now own a second home in Britain - and up to a quarter of them could be in the Westcountry. Figures from the Office for...
-Green Technology News- [ Traduire cette page ]
Worldwide it is estimated that two million people − more than half of them in developing countries − die every year from air pollution. ...
-CNN - Famine may have killed 2 million in North Korea - August 19 ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
"Two million would be the highest possible estimate," Kirk said. ... The famine has left North Korea's 23 million people largely dependent on international ...
-Pol Pot, Pol Pot Massacre, Pol Pot Genocide, Cambodia Genocide- [ Traduire cette page ]
At Phnom Penh, two million inhabitants were evacuated on foot into the ... Starving people were forbidden to eat the fruits and rice they were harvesting.
-One in four Britons is out of work- [ Traduire cette page ]
The latter group includes more than two million people who are on long-term sickness benefits as well as students, people who have taken time off work to ...
-ReviewJournal.com - News - CLARK COUNTY POPULATION: 2 MILLION- [ Traduire cette page ]
And as the people keep coming, the improvements required to accommodate them grow ever more ... "Two million is a huge number, and it's a major milestone. ...
-Planners wonder: What if two million people moved in? Light ...- [ Traduire cette page ]
More than 200 architects, planners and landscape architects had six hours Saturday to figure out how to squeeze another two million people into Greater ...www.sustainablebuildingcentre.com/forum-topic/

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