Top 10 Reasons Why the Blackberry Bold is Still no iPhone

If you love to email in English, go for a Blackberry.
If you love the World Wide Web, go for an iPhone.

In response to Top 10 Reasons Why the iPhone is still no Blackberry, here are my Top 10 Reasons Why the Blackberry Bold is Still no iPhone:

10. The iPhone has a 3.5 inch screen. (Size does matter, sorry).
9. Cover flow.
8. Global Positioning System integrated to Google Maps (free)
7. Mobile iTunes 99 cent music store
6. Mobile iTunes Application store
5. Pinch-to-zoom web surfing
4. Synchs to iTunes for easy updates to music, podcasts, rented movies, purchased TV and applications
3. Qwerty, French Canadian, Azerty and any other keybord you can think of, all on the same phone!
2. You can read email attachments in Word, Excell, Acrobat (PDF), Power Point AND HTML formats.
1. The iPhone is thin enough for your girlfriend's tight jeans.

Conclusion, if you love to email, in English, go for a Blackberry.
If you love the World Wide Web, go for an iPhone.

Official iPhone page.
Official Blackberry Bold page


Joseph said...

More: Completely under appreciated so far, IMO, is .Me. The integration of .Me really is a serious strike against BlackBerry. The ease of that service is so so much better than a BB enterprise server. And w/o a BB enterprise server, you have no over-the-air syncing with a BBerry of contacts, calendar (well, calendar can be solved with the very nice Google calendar sync program for BB).

Matt said...

Did you miss the iTunes syncing feature available on the Bold? I think you're down to 7 reasons.

Also you can get Google Maps for Blackberry AND Live Search (which in my opinion is a better GPS app, sorry iphone

Down to 6 reasons.

You can read AND edit Word, Powerpoint, and Excel files

Down to 5.

iPhone 3g.05 inches thinner. Seriously.

How bout some of the things the Bold has but not the iPhone? Like video recording? Wifi B/G AND A. Multimedia Messages? Not everyone uses MS Exchange. And how about listening to some bluetooh A2DP headphones?

Shawn said...

How about a tactile qwerty keyboard? Or VoiceDialing through your BT Headset 100 percent handsfree!, How about expanded Memmory cards for unlimited Memory on the Bold!, Did I mention a Flash for the Camera onthe Bold?? Multi Media Mesaging onthe BOld?... etc etc.. Editing WORD docs on the Phone!!
The Iphone is nice.. but VERY limited in what it can do.. It is a Glorified Ipod.... and a darn good web browser... that's it

Joan said...

For points 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 it's ok on the the BB Bold


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