iPhone Pricing: I'm moving to Holland

The Netherlands have legal weed AND cheap iPhones (if you're surprise by the weird spelling on the T-mobile site, it is because it is in Dutch. Click here for an explanation in English).
Some people were angry that the iPhone is cheaper in the USA. But so what, everything is cheaper in the USA, that is why they are so fat! But you don't think of Amsterdam as an affordable place. That is why when you go, you choose a crappy hotel/youth hostel and get stoned out of your mind (and then go to the art museum). And the locals don't have SUVs, they have bicycles. Crappy bicycles!
How can T-Mobil afford to put all those 3G antennas all over the place with the sky high price of Dutch real estate and offer the iPhone for so little? (Yes I realise Holland has a high population density, but so does Canada in the Rogers 3G coverage area).
Before you go totally ballistic, however, keep in mind that incoming calls in Holland are "free" (they are paid by the person making the call, not the cell phone holder). And the T-Mobile "Unlimited" is 2GB, (the French call their unlimited 500MB). If you go over your minutes, you will also pay more per minute in Holland (40 cents instead of 35 to 15 in Canada with Rogers).
Then again, I can't move to Holland as I don't have a European Union passport and I can't get one because my Canada ancestors go back to many generations. So really, comparing cell phone prices from one country to the other is pointless.
However, it is much easier to compare data prices between countries than between Bell, Rogers and Telus. Good luck with that!.
Just to be clear, Canada no longer has the cheapest iPhone in the world.

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