iPod touch 2.0

I don't have an iPhone to play with as Moncton ran out :-( . I would
have bough one by now but Rogers is run by a bunch of idiots and won't
allow me to buy an iPhone online with the $30 6GB version (online, you
have to opt for one of the over priced combos). Although if I had
bought online, who knows when I would have gotten it. Now I have the
local Rogers dealership on speed dial. "Any iPhones now?" "How about

But I digress, as the point of this post is to write about the iPod
touch/ iPhone 2.0 software.

Buying software on the can is pretty ossom. By the way, many of the
apps look like pure crap. And since when is a 100 year old book
considered an application? Many of the 500 apps are actually books,
including far too many Bibles (but no Koran).

Super Monkey Balls has given me motion sickness. That could literally
be $10 down the drain.

The remote control (free and by Apple) looks cool enough but there are
no instructions and I can't figure out how tu use it. I've got the
code, but where do I put it? Google was no use, nor Apple Support. Help!

My favorite app is the virtual beer by Carlling, excellent. Although
maybe I shouldn't of had so much virtual beer before playing Super
Monkey Balls.

Don't tell anybody but the light saber is the coolest thing ever,
sjoom, sjoom.

I now have a currency conversion app. Not sure why that needed an app
as a web page would have been OK. But free is good in any curency.

Speaking of money, I can now use the $ sign on the French-Canadian
keybord. In 1.4, the $ sign came out as a € ! That was a major pain,
so I'm glad Apple fixed it. Living with that minor bug for 6 months
thought me an important lesson: minor bugs on something you use daily
become major bugs and I don't mind paying for less of them.

I can't afford the best car, but I can afford the best cell phone.

PS, my upgraded iPod touch will soon be for sale.

Envoyé depuis mon iPod / Sent from my iPod touch.

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