Apple to Sell 3.5 million iPhones Friday... within minutes!

21 Countries will sell the iPhone on Friday. Apparently, Australia will have 80,000.

Australia 21M, 80,000 iPhones
Austria 8M, 30,000 iPhones
Belgium (French) 10M, 38,000 iPhones
Canada (English) 33M, 126,000 iPhones
Denmark 5M, 19,000 iPhones
Finland 5M, 19,000 iPhones
Germany 82M, 312,000 iPhones
Hong Kong 7M, 27,000 iPhones
Ireland 4M, 15,000 iPhones
Italy 60M, 229,000 iPhones
Japan 128M, 448,000 iPhones
Mexico 107M, 408,000 iPhones
Netherlands 16M, 61,000 iPhones
New Zealand 4M, 15,000 iPhones
Norway 5M, 19,000 iPhones
Portugal 11M, 42,000 iPhones
Spain 46M, 175,000 iPhones
Sweden 9M, 34,000 iPhones
Switzerland (French) 8M, 30,000 iPhones
UK 61M, 232,000 iPhones
USA 305M, 1,161,000 iPhones.

Now, obviously, Apple isn't going to ship 408,000 iPhones to Mexico for July 11th. But the numbers for the UK do match up with O2's number of pre-registers.

There are 1800 ATT stores in the USA. So pretending for a moment that the USA's Apple Stores are content with part of the redistributed Mexican iPhones, that would be 645 iPhones per American ATT store on July 11th. That sounds about right. Apple says they will process 100 customers per hour. If that is true for ATT as well, by 2:30PM, ATT stores will be sold out.

The rumored net profit for the iPhone is $200 per unit. So Friday's take would be 700 million dollars. Not to shabby considering the marketing budget was as close to zero as you can get.

But openig weekend numbers, as with movies, are meeningless. Weekend 2 is the one to look for.

Let's see, 95% of iPhone users will tell everybody they know (and some people they don't), that the iPhone is the greatest thing ever. 3.5 x 0.95 iPhone owners X 100 people, ten of whom buy an iPhone = 33.25 million iPhone purchases on July 18th. Hmm.

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