30 Japanese in iPhone Queu

There are 30 Japanese waiting in a line-up for the new iPhone. That is 6 times as many as in New York City.

If iPhone were distributed equally to all 22 Friday-launch-iPhone-countries, Japan, by my math, would get 448,000 iPhones this Friday alone. That seems like a rather large number, but there are 128 million people in Japan...

Anyway, the Japanese uber early adopters, many of whom don't live in Tokyo, are there because other Softbank stores will be selling the iPhone five hours later. If waiting in line 48 hours to get something 5 hours before your countrymen doesn't make sense to you, then it is because you are not Japanese. Do you even like Sushi? I didn't think so.

-Meet Hiroyuki, the guy who will get Asia’s first 3G iPhone

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