iPhone 3G Sold Out

iPhone 3G sold out in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


Update 2008-07-11, 15:27. The iPhone 3G is sold out in Moncton, so I'm going to go on a limb and say the iPhone 3G is sold out in Canada. End of update.

The Japanese are already lining up for Saturday's shipment!

So far so good, freedom 35 here I come. (I have Apple shares).

In the mean time, I've downloaded iTunes 7.7 so I've been browsing the appstore. But not on my Apple touch as the iPod touch 2.0 is not available yet. I've been clicking on "check for updates" like a maniac!

The iPhone 3G only goes on sale in 3.5 hours in Moncton (10AM), and I'm not going to be stuck in line without a copy of Super Monkey Ball.

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Anonymous said...

The iPhone 3G is also sold out in the Netherlands. After the T-Mobile shops openend their doors on July 11th at 09:30 am, all phones were sold within 4 hours. The T-Mobile website that is needed to active the phone, crashed under the huge demand.


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