Microsoft Employees Buy All of the iPhones in Seatle

If you have a few minutes to spare or have ever been subjected to a logisics course, then head on over to http://www.apple.com/retail/iphone/availability.html . Truly fascinating. You can find out how many iPhones every Apple store has left after it shuts for the night. This is perticularly usefull if you are an iPhone fan and a burgler.
There are some important varriables missing, such as the actual number of iPhones available and when the last shipment arrived. Knowledge of the next delivery is also crucial. Who cares if the store is sold out at 9PM if they get 100 more phones at 6AM (unless you are a burgler).
The site does have seperate columns for 8GB, 16GB white and 16GB black. 16GB black is the most often sold out. Middle America (and Texas) are also prone to shortage. This could be attributable to being further away from China. But then there is Seatle, near many ports, completely sold out of iPhones. 8GB, 16GB w 16GB b: Gone. Nada, nothing. Nothing in the entire state of Washington if fact. Now once again, this is meaningless if they get early morning supplies. But it is fun to think about all those Microsoft employees buying iPhones.

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