Quebecker Takes a K

To all those of you who write Quebecker without the K, you are wrong. It takes a K, otherwise you have to invent a pronunciation. You might as well invent a symbol: Q/ . When ever you see Q/, you read out kwi'beker. Well, that would just be stupid. And so is writing "Quebecer". It is a language, people, write it so 6 year olds can read it!

By the way, using "Québécois", especially without the accents, is confusing and makes your text hard to translate, ironically, into French. "French-speaking Quebeckers" is the appropriate form. Or, in Canadian-English, "Quebec Francophones". But if you were referring simply to people who live in Quebec, then "Quebeckers" is correct.

English-speaking Quebeckers are called just that outside Canada, anglo-Quebeckers in Canadian-English.

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