Product (RED) Kills Africans

The colour of the Product (RED) charity is appropriate. Buying an
affiliated product, such as a RED iPhone, contributes to the death of

Product (RED) fights Aids, not HIV. Prolonging the life of an HIV
infected person who does not practice safe sex is immoral. Period.

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Scott said...

"Prelonging the life of an HIV infected person who does not practice safe sex is immoral."

Why are you assuming that Africans who are receiving treatment are practicing unsafe sex? How do you propose policing the sexual practices of people in order to decide who has a right to have healthcare and who does not? Is there nothing at all about your suggestion that strikes you as being highly politically questionable?

Altavistagoogle said...

Project (RED) treets people to delay AIDS who can't even afford condoms. In many cases, there is a 100% certainty that their patients will spread HIV.

Get HIV contagion under control, then treat for AIDS.

On an individual basis, treating for AIDS makes sence. But it is horrible public policy when you do so in regions with low condom use and other high risk sexual habits.


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