Slow Computer Start-up: MSCONFIG

Slow Computer Start-up: MSCONFIG
When you start you car, do you like it when your radio and air conditioning start up automatically. No? Neither do I.
So if your computer is getting slower and slower, especially at start-up, try this.
With Windows XP:
Start/run/type msconfig/Click on the Start-up folder/Select "Disable All" (Then put a checkmark next to any programs you want to open at start-up)/Click OK/Restart you computer/When you get the warning message, select "do not show this again".
When your computer restarts, everything will still be available, all you have to do is open what you need, when you need it (find the program on your desktop on Start/All Programs.
With Windows Vista: Same as above, although you may need to click on Start (the circle-square thing, bottom left of your screen)/All programs/Accessories/Run.
With Windows 98, 2000, ME: Unless your time is worth less than that of someone in China, buy a new computer! Dell.ca has them for $380 (you already have a screen), Wal-Mart used to sell Acer computers for $300 (but according to their website, they aren't at the moment). Although keep in mind you may need new sofware. You can actually use MSconfig with these older operating systems, but you have to be more carefull about what you remove from the start-up.
For a second opinion, Google MSconfig and/or click on:

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