Few Cell Phones Sound as Good as the iPhone 3G: New York Times

Imagine that, according to the New York Times' David Pogue and Edward Baig of USA Today, the iPhone 3G sounds great. On the down side, there is no hover craft ability. That is a down side: you can not walk on unfrozen water with the iPhone. Sorry.

According to Cnet, there are three hands-on-reviews of the iPhone 3G. Yes, I did say three. I'll hunt later for any non-English/non-American ones.

Anyway, the best written one is by David Pogue of The New York Times. The best video is by Walt Mossberg of All Things Digital (aka Wallstreet Journal) and the best pictures are by Edward Baig of USA Today. If you have Flash, you can see the USA Today iphone pics here.

There are some minor gripes such as 3G dropping in New Yorks' outer suburbs and some skyscrapers blocking GPS in Manhattan (yeah, I live in Moncton, go f*** yourself). The reviewers point out that the App store will be the killer application (killer as is good) and will be available on iPhone 1 and iPod touch. So if if the lineup for the iPhone 3G is more then two hundred deep, go have a beer and come back (much?) later.

On the other hand, you can't really talk to anybody on your iPod touch and you can't talk and surf with the Edge/GPRS only iPhone 1.

Update (2008-07-09):
More reviews:
-Times Online
-Radio Suisse Romande RSR.Ch (in French): The Internet, taking pictures, GPS, email, SMS and contact searching are all faster on an iPhone than on a Nokia N95.
-L'iPhone 3G en fait plus pour moins cher (Metro France). Metro France a nice video for those of you who may be linguistically challenged. The GPS feature alligned to Google Maps: "C'est bluffant". I had to look that up (we don't use that term in Canada), but that Parisian urban slang translates to "amazing".
-Marie-Antoinette Crivelli: «J'ai testé l'iPhone 3G, il est phénoménal»Le Matin Online -
"Best cell phone ever!"
-LePoint's Olivier Bruzek thinks the iPhone is an indispensable, revolutionary device.

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